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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — For the second time in a month a Wilmington store clerk has turned the tables on a would-be robber. The owner of the store says the man who allegedly tried to rob the store is “lucky to be alive.”

The owner of A&J Food Mart on Princess Place Drive says Jaquan Martin said, “Please don’t kill me, please don’t kill me,” when his apparent attempt to rob the store went wrong.

Police say Martin fumbled as he pulled out a gun giving a store clerk a chance to pull a gun of his own. The clerk did not shoot, unlike a foiled robbery attempt last month at another store.

Abdel Homid owns the store right next to A&J. He says he would deal with a situation like that in much the same way.

“I feel like if anyone’s going to rob somebody they deserve what they get,” said Homid, who said his clerks are armed. “I instruct them if he pulls a gun on them then pull it back on them.”

The clerk that pulled the gun at A&J Food Mart did not want to speak to us on camera, but he did say off camera that Martin was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

A&J’s owner told us off camera that Martin’s mother came into the store and kissed the clerk, thanking him for not killing her son.

Homid says the clerk should have at least wounded Martin.

“They should have just let him stay there, for what and shot him in the legs,” he said.

Martin escaped with his life, but not from police. Officers caught him in woods near the store and charged with attempted armed robbery.

Last month Police Chief Ralph Evangelous stuck up for clerks who defend their store.

“It’s unfortunate any time anyone gets shot, but people have to do what people have to do to protect themselves,” Evangelous said.

Martin is due back in court January 5. This is not his first run-in with the law. The 17-year-old was supposed to be in court for separate drug charges Thursday morning. Instead he made his first court appearance for the attempted robbery Thursday afternoon.

Martin is in jail under a $30,000 bond.


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  • 38

    It is about time we fight back. Wilmington is at War with the DIRT BAGS, DRUG USERS/DEALERS, AND THE WANT A BE GANG BANGERS!!!!! Stop living in fear people of Wilmington and fight back. Stop being the pray and become the Hunter. For this we will all be better off when we thin out the garbage of this town.

  • Guest461

    …but the bottom line is that criminals should spend a little of their stolen gratuities to properly train themselves in the use of a firearm. Not realizing where your safety is, along with a sideways stance and holding a pistol “gangsta-style” with it rotated 90 degrees off-normal while flailing at the trigger just isn’t going to hit much.

    Remember that citizens that legally arm themselves use legal weapons, are trained both in the class-room and by qualification at the range. Remember as well, that concealed carry permit issuance increased over 600% last year as violent crime went on the decrease. Personal restraint in a high-stress situation is one that even trained police have a difficult time dealing with. I’ll do my very best.

    While I hope and pray that I never have a need to pull my weapon on another human being, if and when I discover a criminal thug endangering MY life OR the life of another individual in my proximity, my weapon will come out, seek a target and discharge. I’ll happily take a legal review by 12 of my peers rather than that of a desperate thug that doesn’t care about my life OR his own.

    YOU do as you like….

  • Gramps1935

    Oh Please, let me go. I said I was “sorry”. Nobody waqs killed. I’m just a disabvantaged, underpriviliged “teenager”. It won’t happen agin. Let me keep getting Welfare, and gang-banging. I won’t get caught again, I promise.

  • wordstrizz


  • SmokingAce

    I didnt kno this was a spelling b or english class! The only thing worse
    Than a thief is a internet thug !” Taxpayer” how original is that? Dont hide behind ur little laptop and talk crap because ur a taxpayer remember ur not built like that.(lmao)do u know what that means?Ur one of those guys that is still payn off student loans that didn take u anywhere.oops did i say that!? MeDatsWho!

  • Guest99x

    Well, 461, lets start with this: RSimmons made a sensible point that inspired me to strongly agree with him or her.

    On my own review of the posting policies on this forum I did NOT discover that you “right wingnuts” have any exclusive license to demean and insult those with whom you disagree. What’s wrong with you Coultergeists anyway? You’re quick to dish up insults but very defensive when challenged. Your invective has failed to change my belief that those who called for “shoot to kill” are sick.

    I can tell you this as an observed fact, during the few “scrapes” I’ve been in over my lifetime the puddles left on the floor came from the bigmouths, the so-called toughguys. Be assured that there was nothing wet in my shorts. By the way, if you have an interest in men wearing panties, thanks to contemporary liberalism you no longer have to suffer alone!

    Back to the topic. Right can become wrong very quickly when firearms in the hands of unskilled persons are added to a volatile situation.
    We are close to the anniversary of the Bernhard Goetz subway shooting which happened in 1984. It isn’t just today that citizens are “fighting back”. I am quite sure that Bernie Goetz went to the range and squeezed a trigger more than a couple times in order to gain the proficiency to drop four thugs who menaced him.

    Considering reasonable defensive principles as we think about Goetz we see that he was outnumbered four to one by “youths” who were larger than he. One of these “youths” menaced him with a screwdriver while asking for money.

    Goetz did the right thing. He defended himself.

    To continue with your metaphor, 461, it wouldn’t be a far stretch of the imagination that there was some voiding and evacuating happening that night on that train…

    Four thugs down with four bullets. Great shooting Bernie!

    Here’s where things went wrong; Goetz expended a fifth bullet into the back of a man who was down. That decision damaged Goetz’s life forever along with the offender who he paralyzed.

    Goetz’s failure was not exercising personal restraint after gaining control over his attackers and this judgment lapse cost him dearly.

    Today, at this minute I am very pleased with the restraint shown by the shop-keeper for not discharging his weapon into this perpetrator. I am also pleased with the restraint shown by the victim of the truck break-in discussed on another thread.

    Armed citizen hotheads are a cause for worry. It isn’t IF someone’s going to get hurt, it’s WHEN.

  • Guest461

    99X and PerSimmons, you’re an accident waiting to happen. So, tell us more about the people you term as, “the sickos cheering others on to “shoot to kill”… There is NO cheering on here, but I can tell you for a fact that the citizens of America are getting sick and tired of being ripped-off, robbed, raped, beaten and murdered by those that aren’t used to having people defend themselves. The citizens are fighting back and will only get stronger. They are already smarter….well, except for a few…(hint, hint).

    You can criticize that and call them sickos all you want. Like I said before, curl your shaking body with your sopping wet panties up in the corner of that convenience store as the Thug takes what he wants and spits on you.

    From my viewpoint, YOU’RE the one that needs the help! Consider enlisting in your local concealed carry class and put a couple of thousand rounds out at the range. There’s a starter for you.

  • Guest99x

    RSimmons, you got that right! I’m more worried about armed psychos with bad attitudes. Defend your property and home, I have no criticism of that. I have criticism aplenty for the sickos cheering others on to “shoot to kill”…

  • Guest238

    He had better be glad Ilario (Killer) Pantano wasn’t there because he would have about 16 holes in him even if he hadn’t been armed.

  • SmokingAce

    Hellllooo please wake up people!! There is no money in trying to rob a food mart in the Hood!This is Insane! The most u mite get is a couple of scratch off tickets and some phillies and a book of matches!But however i commend the store clerk for saving that young mans life. Maybe he will take this as a lesson and strive to do better in life! MeDatsWho!

  • RSimmons

    Which is bound to happen. You have two dummies aiming guns at each other Neither has little if any firearms training and experience. I’m more scared of a clerk firing wildly across the counter than some kid waving a gun for $40 and a carton of Newports.

    I’m all for people defending themselves by what ever means is necessary. But these store owners also have a responciblity for their customers safety when they are in the store. Is a customer’s life worth less than the $100 they might lose?

  • would indicate your IQ is on par with that of Jaquan Martin.

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