SBI agent testifies that colleague botched tests


    Associated Press

    DURHAM, NC (AP) — Two State Bureau of Investigation agents who retested evidence from a 1993 murder trial found results that raise questions about whether a former colleague fabricated results that led to an innocent man spending 17 years in prison.

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    SBI agent Russell Holley testified Friday at a hearing to determine whether a different man, Durham novelist Michael Peterson, gets a new trial in the 2001 death of his wife. A key witness at Peterson’s 2003 trial was Duane Deaver, an SBI blood splatter analyst fired earlier this year.

    Holley says he retested evidence in 2008 that Deaver tested for the 1993 murder trial of Greg Taylor. Deaver reported blood in a sample where Holley found none, and no semen in another sample where Holley said the genetic material was obviously there.

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