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BOILING SPRING LAKES, NC (WWAY) — Boiling Spring Lakes city leaders met behind closed doors today to discuss what they say were personnel matters. Concerned and angered residents showed up to see what might really happen. Many believe Mayor Richard White and some other city leaders do not have the citizens’ best interest at heart.

“Am I angry? I’m angry,” resident Judy Thuer said. “And there are a lot more people that are angry. It’s just not me. There are more people that are very, very angry.”

Thuer is one of dozens of concerned Boiling Spring Lakes residents who showed up to the City Commission’s closed door meeting Monday afternoon.

Rumors spread through town that the meeting was called to give interim City Manager Paul Sabiston the power to hire and fire city employees. It’s a power that permanent city managers possess, but not temporary ones like Sabiston.

“Today was a special called meeting to consider two items: one was the contract for the interim manager, second one was the moving forward of the hiring of a permanent city manager,” Sabiston said.

While Sabiston says they did review his contract, no decisions were made about the contract or filling the job permanently.

We asked Sabiston if we was interested in the job. He said he’s submitted an application and is considering it. It’s a thought Thuer is not happy about.

“Every job that he has had, he has left in the shambles,” she said. “He has had multiple, multiple problems with any job he’s had.”

“There’s always a lot of talk in small towns, I think, and I think that’s part of it, and we’ve just got to take a step back, take a deep breath and move forward,” Sabiston said. “We’re trying to stay positive and keep things in a good light, but it’s tough. With these times and the economy, there’s difficult decisions to be made in the near future.”

Thuer and other citizens are afraid those difficult decisions include firing people the mayor does not like.

“They have an agenda,” Thuer said. “They only want what they want, doesn’t matter what anybody else wants.”

Thuer was the only BSL citizen willing to speak on camera. Many city employees and members of the fire and police departments did not want to talk publicly but told us off camera they fear for their jobs.

Mayor White said the board narrowed the search for city manager considerably and will meet again next Tuesday to discuss it further.

We tried to talk to commissioners, but they said they could not talk about personnel matters.

White has not yet returned a call for comment about allegations made against him.


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  • Guestforreal

    Some may indeed find it funny that Ms. T said, “every job he has ever had, he has left in shambles”. Of course those with the destructive rhetoric will but also others may find it funny also. For example, if she ends up in court with a slander case against her! Then she indeed may find those words to be the most expensive she has ever uttered from her mouth. “He who laughs last laughs loudest!” And if you are new indeed, how would you know, “…the Yarolins have not written any of the statements some of you think they wrote.” Unless of course you are one of them and are just now making your first post.

    The ‘on camera’, ‘off camera’ rhetoric is just that, more of the same rhetoric that is being spewed by the very few that just can not get over the choice of the majority in the recent elections. Reality check here, two men chose to compete for the privilege and duties of being the Mayor of Boiling Spring Lakes. Only one could win and that was Richard White. Caster, it seems has a healthy grasp on that and has displayed due respect for the decision of the people by their vote and the due respect to the elected mayor. It also seems so has the vast majority of Caster’s supporters as they too accept the democratic process. It seems only a very small minority including a close relative that just can not get over it and allow the city to move forward with those that have been duly elected. And while Ms. Yarolin keeps bringing negative attention to her husband, Ms. Caster is doing the very same to hers. Ladies, (?) get off your soap boxes and allow your husbands to be the men they are and not what you want them to be.

    It is past time for all the whining to end and the working together to begin. Just saying….

    If you confess your sins before God and ask for forgiveness, you are forgiven! Right here at Christmas we would all do well to recognize the gift given to us that we certainly have not earned or owed and only by grace can obtain. These things are God’s to give and he has offered them to all men through his Son. So certainly, if the grown man dressed as a bunny, pointing to his rear in front of a church and if the adults that dressed the children in the slanderous clothes have asked for forgiveness, it is given. Not by anyone of us but by the Lord alone. We are also instructed to pay our debts. “Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s”. So, is an apology to the church and the community owed? Again, just saying…..

  • Guest. Newathis

    What Ms. T. said about Mr.Sabiston is funny when you think how she said, “every job he has ever had, he has left in shambles” and then think about how he “would fit right in” with some of the others in city government here in BSL.
    And by the way, the Yarolins have not written any of the statements some of you think they wrote. I need to clear that up….they don’t hide behind the computer like you do, and I do, and our neighbors do….they go to the media or face to face with people. Perhaps that is the reason they are not so popular….because they aren’t afraid of what people will say or think about them if they are doing it for a good cause.
    That was another thing in the news item here. It was stated that people talked OFF camera because they feared for their job! Should they have to feel that way? To speak up with the truth, you have to be afraid of losing your JOB? What does God think of that? I know I think it rots! I think God might forgive that Bunny for dancing in front of the church quicker than someone who threatens another persons “lifeline”. Just saying…..

  • Save BSL

    Whoever wrote that reply is right. I would not hire the man. If the job didn’t work out for some reason, I wouldn’t want his wife bringing on that kind of bad PR for my company. So yea, I guess I’m gutless. I don’t have the guts to hire a man bringing such a big load with him. But I’m ok with feeling that way.

  • factfinder

    There you go again. Changing facts into less than facts for your own shady purposes. You untruthfully stated, “…….as a kid, he made a mistake.” when you were speaking of Mr Y’s past. The fact is as you well know, He did a guilty plea as an adult in adult court because he in fact was an adult and not a juvenile. If he had been a juvenile it would have been handled in juvenile court and the records would have been sealed so it would not be hanging over him today. You couldn’t tell the truth if your life depended on it! I also agree with the writer that states you just don’t take responsibility for anything at all. Yet, you sure point the crooked finger and also insult the majority of citizens here in BSL.

  • J. Goldin

    Interesting comment you made about Mr. Yarolin standing up for his right. All I see is Mrs Yarolin ranting, raving and name-calling. I’m sure she wrote this reply as well. Mr. Yarolin just stays in background letting his wife lead the “cause?”. He also uses children and an Easter Bunny to cast his dispersions. Yeah! I’d want that kind of man protecting me as a cop. NOT! The mayor has made mistakes in his adult life. I’ll give you that. But I also see him trying to put it behind him by trying to do good things for the city. Perhaps you should try to do the same. It would benefit Mr Yarolin a lot more than all this negative press he’s getting. Think about that. What would any prospective employer be thinking about now?? Seriously…think about that!

  • anotherbslcitizen

    You are so very pitiful. Now you expand your name calling past the mayor and insult the majority of citizens here in BSL. How many people in this town do you believe have a care for you or your opinions when you state, “…the majority of the people here,…are gutless!”

    You take not even one ounce of personal responsibility as you continue to blame others for the results of illegal actions taken by an individual years ago. You ignore the fact that two years ago the same attacks (just put forward by others) were unsuccessfully used against the mayor and are now somehow surprised they did not work, AGAIN! You put up huge and slanderous signs and you just don’t understand or will admit, you and your signs were ignored and you even went so low as to involve small children by decking them out with slanderous words and having a huge idiot in a bunny suit dance around pointing to his rear end IN FRONT OF A CHURCH!

    Once again you tried to do your dastardly deeds and between you and other rumor mongers once again you brought the press into our city under the guise of yet one more of your lies. Of course, they found out there was no story here and the this last week, where were your TV friends but off chasing real news and not pretend news.

    Your latest poorly thought out rant talks about the water department, roads and streetlights. You just do not have a clue what you are talking about at all and it is evident so you deserve not time with an answer there.

    One thing all could agree with you on. The road you walk on is shabby alright. It is the road you built and the road you choose to be on. And as far as wishes for a better city, the people a majority that is have directed this city and not you few scandalous dregs. Don’t forget, it is the exact same majority that your own recent words insulted. You will continue to reap the rewards of a very uncaring and bad citizen. Well you care a great deal for self but have no thought or feelings of citizenship or neighbor.

  • Guest wishful

    The claims were listened to very few because the majority of the people here, starting with the mayor, are gutless! The mayor ran from one of the people who wanted to talk face to face at one of the meetings because he was afraid. Gutless!
    Destruction has nothing to do with it. Mr. Yarolin was standing up for his right because he isn’t a gutless fool. No one in the world is perfect and as a kid, he made a mistake. Should it be held against him all of his life? According to the mayor it should be. But the mayor has also made BIG mistakes in his adult life, and you people dont seem to mind at all….or you are gutlessly afraid of him!
    I am not sure what path you are walking, but the one I am on looks pretty shabby. Nothing has been done in his years of office to better anything here! Nothing! Even when he was asked what he has done to improve or benefit the city, he couldn’t answer. I was there. I heard his silence.
    The water department is gone (a money maker.) There are roads that are not paved, roads that are without street lights (not safe!), no sidewalks, no nothing!
    Must be the neighbors are satisfied with the way things are…..or gutless! Yes, you reap what you sow…they voted him in and they have to live with the consequences, too, as do we. Good going, gutless people. Hope all your wishes for a better city come true!

  • non believer

    Just remember our officials were elected to do whats best for the city. The key word here being the CITY. And sometimes people are caught in the mix very sad but a fact of life. So now some people feel it is wrong to do whats best for the city and how it may effect or may not effect some people.
    I say let them do the job they need to do. And in 2 years or 4 years you can have your voice heard. Untill then crying and complaining is a useless agenda. You can raise all the hell you want down at city hall but your waisting your time, not mine. Cry on

  • 4 A Free BSL!

    Ms. Thur, Mr. and Ms. Yarolin, Mr. Ledbetter and your very few friends. Today a brand new board of commissioners voted 5-0 to support the General Statutes of N.C. There vote did not in any way support any political position or agenda. It in fact gave no power to anyone at all that did not already have that power, UNDER THE LAW!

    My hat is off to all 5 that voted according to their oath to uphold the law and not with some political agenda and/or favoritism. Your wild claims are listened to by very few and that is a very good thing for our community. How long are you going to continue to make total fools of yourselves in an effort to reverse the wishes of the vast majority here in BSL?

    There are no entitlements for you here in BSL. You get what you work for and earn. Your continued negative attacks that have earned you only the disdain of the vast majority of citizens is what you have reaped for your efforts. Is it not time for you to lower your flag and work with and for the community instead of against the same. Politically do you not understand the leader elected by the majority is what they mandate and the mandate you have to work with? And if denied a job by your own doing, why would you blame others for your own actions? Are you so narrow minded that you would rather be viewed as destructive rather than productive citizens in this city?

    Stay on your path and further alienate yourself from your neighbors or choose a new path to walk and go about moving forward in a productive fashion. Bring your ideas and thoughts to the city and debate with real facts rather than sour grapes. Or, find yourselves lonelier and lonelier as time marches on without you.

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