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BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) — The Brunswick County Social Services Board meeting today got out of hand with two people getting kicked out and even threatened to be arrested. Board member Pat Sykes says she was just speaking up for what she believes was right when she was told to leave.

Sykes says she wanted to add something to the agenda at today’s meeting when she was told she had to go.

“(Charles Warren) wanted me to leave the meeting, and I refused, and then he ordered the chief deputy to have me arrested,” Sykes said.

Sukes says she was kicked out of the board’s meeting twice Tuesday. She says after the tried to add something to the agenda, Warren, a member of the Brunswick County Commission and chair of the Social Services Board, told her to leave. When she tried to come back in, Warren told her again to leave.

“I left the meeting and walked back in as a public attendee, and I was not allowed to attend the meeting either,” Sykes said.

Sykes says she and other members of the board wanted to discuss a personnel problem, but Warren refused to move forward.

“He doesn’t like for me to speak out on issues,” Sykes said. “Basically I’m trying to go by what the North Carolina DSS requires us to go by, and each time I try to do that he refuses to allow it.”

Sykes says she was not the only person kicked out of the meeting. She says a reporter was also told to leave after questioning Warren’s motive for calling a closed session without explaining why.

We tried to speak with Warren after the meeting this afternoon, but he left through a back door to avoid our camera.

We did talk to him over the phone, where he first denied that anything happened at the meeting. When we told him that we were told he tried to have Sykes arrested, he said Sykes was being disruptive and disrespectful to the chair.

Sykes says she was told that she is suspended from all further meetings with the board, which she says is illegal. She plans to be at the next meeting December 20.


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