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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A day after a board member and reporter were kicked out of a Brunswick County Social Services Board Meeting, county leaders are looking into what happened. One county commissioner went as far as to call it an embarrassment.

County commissioner and Social Services Board Chair Charles Warren kicked out board member Pat Sykes and a Brunswick Beacon reporter because he said they disrupted Tuesday’s meeting.

After some discussion Chief Deputy Charlie Miller told Warren he couldn’t remove Sykes unless he arrested her.

“Are you refusing to leave,” Warren asked Sykes.

“Yes, sir, I’m refusing to leave,” she replied.

Miller asked Warren, “You really want to do this?”

“Yes, sir,” Warren replied.

“And you’re able to go to court?” Miller asked?

“Yes, sir,” Warren said.

Today, Miller, who is also a Brunswick County School Board member, talked about what happened in the meeting.

“Yesterday was the first time in a 24-year career that I’ve ever been put in a situation to where I was asked to arrest a board member,” Miller said. “In my eyes I did not see a law that had been broken or violated, and I chose not to arrest.”

One day after the controversial DSS meeting, Sykes says she wants the other county commissioners to do something about Warren.

“I just hope the commissioners can get something done,” Sykes said. “Have him removed from the board. If they get him removed I think the board will move forward.”

Brunswick County Commission Chair Bill Sue told us by phone, “What’s been going on with that DSS Board is an embarrassment to the DSS. It’s an embarrassment to the DSS Board. It’s an embarrassment to the Brunswick County Commission. It’s an embarrassment to Brunswick County.”

We reached out to commissioner warren to hear what he had to say about the situation, but he did not want to talk on camera.

The next Brunswick County Social Services meeting is Tuesday afternoon. Sykes says she plans to be there.


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  • Had Enough

    How sad to see Charles Warren and Bernest Hewett make such a mockery of the Open Meetings Law. Over the past three years, Mr. Warren has shown an inability to accept any opinion that differs from his in any way. Then when he can’t articulate a better position then those he disagrees with, he consistently misquotes laws and policies to forge ahead (often illegally).

    His ineptness cost the citizens of Brunswick County hundreds of thousands of dollars in his mishandling and illegal firing of the previous DSS Director. Now he is over stepping his authority during open meetings once again acting like a dictator. It is the Chairman’s job to lead board work allowing input from all members in the hopes of making the best decisions for the agency and those they serve. Instead, he continues to bully and threaten anyone who dares disagree with him. If he is allowed to continue unchecked, it is only a matter of time until the Board Members he is mistreating sue the county for his failure to follow Open Meetings Law or his infringement on their First Amendment Rights.

    County Commissioners own a lot of responsibility for this mess as they have let him run rampant for three years. Are they going to drag their feet until hundreds of thousands more tax dollars are lost or will they finally stand up and rein him in?

  • anne

    Stupidity has no color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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