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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The National Transportation Safety Board says after completing its investigation into a deadly car crash in Missouri, it found that texting caused the accident that killed two people and injured 38 others. The NTSB is now recommending that every state ban the use of cell phones, handheld or hands free, behind the wheel.

Although cell phone use while driving is illegal in some states, the National Transportation Safety Board is asking all 50 states to adopt the ban.

“It’s about a cognitive distraction,” NTSB spokeswoman Deborah Hersman said. “It’s about not being engaged in the task at hand.”

Drivers in Wilmington say they don’t think it will work.

“It’s a good idea in theory, because there are so many accidents caused by cell phone use, texting and what not, but being able to enforce it, I don’t see that as a feasible thing to do,” Scott Bennett of Wilmington said.

Most drivers we spoke with agree the law would not be effective.

“I think they would get away with using their cell phone because they would hide it,” Sheila Willard of Wilmington said.

Motorists say they think driving is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. They say new drivers should be especially careful while behind the wheel.

“If you think it can’t happen to you, you’re kidding yourself,” Bennett said. “Everybody thinks it can’t happen to them. Even experienced drivers think it can’t happen to them, but you know a young driver is not an experienced driver, so they’re even much more distractable, so it’s insane. But try to tell somebody who’s young that you can’t do something. You’re just going to encourage them to do it.”

The NTSB’s recommendation does make one exception for the use of phones and other devices while driving: emergencies. Board members hope by banning the distractions, the number of emergencies on the road will decrease.


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  • GuestUsed2B99x

    Considerate Person:

    If you are going to demean and insult someone at least expend the minimal effort to be grammatically correct. We in North Carolina already have a law which bans text messaging while driving. Cell phone use in banned for drivers under the age of 21. Much of the highest risk behaviors are already “unlawful”.

  • GuestUsed2B99x

    @Guest3130, had you taken the time to read 6969’s post in its entirety you would have found out that the accident in question had other proximate causes aside from the young driver messaging. You would have read compelling arguments that the young driver may NOT have been texting at all. You would have read about elderly bus drivers, inadequate following distances between vehicles and bad brakes too.

    But, hey, far be it from me to deny you your rant.

  • Considerate Person

    Wow, Cold day in Hell before you give up your cell phone? your a moron. People drove for years without a cell. Enjoy your quiet time in the car. Not being in touch every minute of every day is not going to kill you..however on the other hand, being in touch every minute of every day might. FOR GOSH SAKES PUT YOUR CELL PHONE DOWN WHEN YOUR IN YOUR CAR.

  • anne

    I don’t think you will ever be able to ban the use but I hope people will wise up and be more thoughtful about the way they use it while driving. As long as we have people with the “I am more important than anyone else” mentality, you will never stop it. People who text while driving are selfish and uncaring about those around them. I have never texted, don’t text, and have no plans on texting. It is not something I want to do. I figure that if what I say is important enough to hear, I can call.

    I will say this. I have been in some near misses with others that are on cell phones, and if I am in an accident with someone that is using the phone, and they don’t seriously injure me, or kill me, the police are going to wonder how that person’s cell phone ended up in their ear because that is where I am going to put it!

  • Guest7969

    SAME thing could happen if someone was disciplining a child, talking to someone next to them, messing with the radio or messing with an iPod…SOoooo…how about government STAYING THE FRACK OUT OF MY LIFE!!!…how’s that!?

  • Guest461

    Getting mighty cold too!

  • WilmingtonMAJ

    Sorry, but it will be a fridgid day in he** when I give up my phone. I don’t text and I don’t email while driving, but i’m sorry I am NOT going to quit calling. When possible I try to use my handsfree device but not always possible. If you stop cell phone use in cars, then you must also ban music, children, eating while driving. Not to mention older folks who have slower hand eye coordination…

  • Guest3130

    Are you so arrogant that you believe anyone was ACTUALLY going to read all of your “post?” Jeez. . .

    All I know is that I’ve had the experience first-hand – – I was in the right-hand lane, about to take an exit, when suddenly the driver who was next to me in the LEFT-hand lane began crossing over into my lane, and then onto the exit. It was dark & I could see that they had their phone held up in front of their face – – they were reading a text. We nearly crashed (and would have caused those behind us to crash) because the driver WAS READING A TEXT.

    Whatever was in that text couldn’t possibly be as important as saving a few lives.

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