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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It seems that New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger’s tardiness is not just affecting his schedule. Berger was late again today, which caused him to miss a crucial vote that will greatly affect his future on community boards.

At Thursday morning’s New Hanover County Commission meeting, Berger was late and missed his chance to discuss and vote on the consent agenda. It including approving a list of new committee assignments made at thursday’s Agenda Briefing.

After a 4-0 vote, the commission moved on until the open comment section when Berger brought the issue back up.


“If you rip off the tax payers, undermine the rights of all citizens, the constitution, which justly limits the rights of the government and politicians, if you abuse your position, regardless of what position that is, to corrupt government in any way or deceive the people, you will not meet anyone more committed and fearless than I am,” Berger told fellow commissioners. “I will do everything in my power and abilities to come down on you like a hammer on a nail.”

Commissioner Jonathan Barfield shot back. He told Berger his constant tardiness is a major issue that paralyzes his voice and vote.

“It’s incumbent on all of us, Mr. Berger, to show up to our meetings on time,” Barfield said. “And the citizens who watch our meetings, you can go back and look at all of them in our archive, you can see any county commissioner meeting for the past six or eight times or better, commissioner berger walks in late, so I don’t think he’s serving the citizens when he’s not here to vote the items on our agenda because he’s late.”

Chairman Ted Davis also called Berger out saying he needed to be truthful to the public.

“Part of being a good commissioner and someone in the community that they can look at with respect and credence is someone that straightforward and honest,” Davis said.

Davis says Berger scheduled a meeting with him before the Agenda Briefing Thursday. He says Berger never showed and was late to the regularly scheduled meeting.


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  • Brian

    Well, I’ve been playing the devil’s advocate with this guy for a while, what with the media’s propensity to embellish and all. If he had at least begun showing up on time, I’d still be on his side. Now I’m thinking that he can’t be responsible enough to represent the people of NHC. Being on time is paramount. That’s not something that’s taught and enforced anymore. It’s not like he’s got a job that is keeping him from being on time!

  • Guest2020

    When do y’all get to vote him out?

  • guest111

    If Berger shows up to the DSS meeting does the sheriff have the legal right to remove him?

  • ChefnSurf

    Apparently we’re all stuck with this loser. If he had even a microscopic amount of dedication to the people he was elected to serve he would resign. At this juncture there’s nothing he can do that would be more helpful. The problem is, he apparently is just too stubborn or stupid or unwell to do the right thing. The only option available at this time is to isolate him and wait for his term to expire. Just like tricking a genie back into his bottle and quickly putting the stopper back on.
    I doubt that anyone was actually prepared for Berger to turn out like he did. Anyone. Having said that, I would be less than happy (understatement) if steps are not taken to prevent a future Berger from also tenaciously refusing to do the right thing. Now is the time for our elected leaders (Berger excluded) to implement steps to prevent this type of nonsense from occuring again. If they don’t, Berger isn’t the only one who should resign.

  • Justin LaNasa

    4 on 1 Does that make it right? or just show you what their really up to. The picture is starting to look a little more clear as time goes on.My question if county commissioners personal life are such a big concern, why has their been no media looking at Thompson s plane wreck who was with him when it happened or what goes on in the living rooms of all married commissioners.When should the line be drawn on personal non felonious / drama of a normal persons life? Maybe we should hook up camera’s in all their lives and make a reality show out of it. Having all the profits going to the budget to cover their short falls and overspending!

  • Guest1984

    Guest SYP…..u took the words right out of my mouth !!!!! This Berger guy looks like someone who WILL EXPLODE, sooner than we think.

    It’s all fun and games now until he does “go postal”…..IT WILL NOT SURPRISE ME.


  • Guest1984

    This Berger guy needs help, mentally. He strikes me as one who would probably get a gun and shoot a lot of people if he were fired from his position. He looks and acts VERY capable of inflicting serious injury to others…The guy seriously looks like a walking time-bomb. I feel bad for him.

    Lets not be surprised if he cracks under pressure and does something drastic.

    Stay tuned for more………..

  • Guest SYP

    I hope that by the end of all this madness, we don’t have another slang phrase to add to the dictionary. . . “Going Postal” . . . “Going Berger”. Maybe the rest of the commissioners need to get a carry permit and practice up at Shooters Choice.

  • Reality check

    Really! Did he think we forgot about the unemployment he was drawing and lie to us saying he was a small business owner? Or the fact that to cover up the same unemployment he started a bogus business? That’s right, he licensed that shell business with the state between the primary and the runoff election so he wouldn’t be caught in a lie. Or the fact he got fired from a newspaper up in Jacksonville and sued them and made an idiot of himself. What about the fact the police reports show notations of marijuana use? He needs to be transparent with the voters!

  • anne

    Mr. Berger, when you ran I was hoping that you would be a newcomer that would step in to the “good ole boys” network and do some straightening out of the people who are elected. Something happened and now you have not only become a joke, but you are making people focus on you and the other nitwits in office and are not producing anything worthwhile. You need to suck up, be a man, and resign.

    The sad thing is that when Jason ran, he ran on a platform of going in and taking care of things and getting it straightened out, but he has become a big problem also. It is total ego!!!!!!!

    As for the other nitwits up there, your day is coming also. You don’t have the people that voted for you best interests in mind. It has become a political rope pulling, see who wins, situation. All of you need to step aside and get someone in there that is concerned about the people instead of themselves.

  • Ken

    Like a child throwing a temper tantrum saying what he is NOT going to do after being voted off of several boards, Mr. Berger needs to step aside and address his own personal issues before trying to serve the public. While I do not agree with many of his political ideas, he is entitled to them. I do take issue with his attitude and approach to his position. I’ve always been of the opinion that it is hard,if not impossible, to work with people you are constantly fighting and to that end the ones to suffer are usually the ones you are elected to serve.

    I think Mr. Berger should take some time away from work and address his personal issues and then maybe return ready to work for those who elected him and with those that share the same responsibility the citizens of this County entrusted to him and them.

  • guesty

    Berger says ‘I will come down on you like a hammer on a nail’

    Berger would be a very flaky, off-centered, out of balance hammer.

  • Will

    What rock have you been living under Justin? Appearances and personal lives have been a part of the American polictical system since our founding fathers. Can you say honestly that you’ve never criticized a politician because of an action on personal behavior from either party. I remember one you said about John Edwards clearly.

  • Straight Shooter

    So we can all start in the right direction by paying NO ATTENTION to Ben McCoy and Curtis Wright!

  • Guest55555

    You’re only having sympathy pains for Berger because he reminds you of yourself. Pathetic loser….

  • Guest3

    Berger is over 21 and responsible for his own actions. He’s a grown up man and should start acting like it. Stop blaming others for Berger’s own conduct. The ball is in HIS court.

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