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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — The police officer who was allegedly hit by Leland Police Chief Tim Jayne at a party has been fired. If you’ve been following our coverage of the situation in Leland, you’ve heard of Officer John Holman.

Leland Town Manager David Hollis says Holman was fired from the Leland Police Department Thursday. This decision comes after months of turmoil involving the officer.

Sources say Holman has been the target of Leland Police Chief Tim Jayne ever since our story aired saying Jayne hit Holman in the stomach at a bachelor party in Myrtle Beach.

Holman has reportedly had to take lie detector tests to prove he has not been the source of information to us and other media. Holman has repeatedly declined to interview with us, saying his lawyer has advised him against speaking out. Other sources have spoken on Holman’s behalf claiming he was the center of the chief’s anger.

Our sources say Holman was put on administrative leave two weeks ago with pay. Then last Friday, Holman’s gun and badge were taken away. Hollis says he met with Holman Wednesday, but he could not discuss the officer’s leave because Hollis said it was not disciplinary.

Hollis did say in a later conversation that Holman was terminated Thursday, but he could not go into detail about why. Hollis says Holman has ten days to appeal the decision. He says Holman has not filed anything yet.

We tried to speak with John Holman again tonight, but he did not return our calls.


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  • Getsome

    Silent elected officials, silance from the Cheif Law Officer, DA David (lets vote him out), silance from the past town manager and continues from the present. Our only hope is that the SBI or FBI puts handcuffs on Langdon and Jayne. It is obivous the people entrusted to protect us will not. In a nut shell, Jayne probably was ok in Charlotte, he never made it high enough to have to lead, only to follow directions and be supervised by higher superiors. Now he gets his small town job, picks four stars to wear on his uniform (ego maniac), demands respect instead of earning it. Hangs out in situations were he exposes himself to his officers under him, fails miserablly. The incident with Sherry Lewis points to his lack of leadership, any business owner, middle manager, person of responsiblility would fire who ever even gave the impression that was acceptable conduct by his team. Now he removes the victims. Why, those who are weak in leadership keep people around them who are weaker but extremely loyal. Nixon, Enron excutives, Bernie Madoff, examples of cover up and consiracies. DA David, Farris, Hollis, Town Council and Mayor, all fit this mold.
    Only way to save the town is disband the PD for 6 to 12 months, begin the clean up, begin intensive training in personal conduct, citizen understanding, treatment of personel. Request the Sheriff department to handle all matters till recertification.

    We will wait to months to hear from Hollis by then maybe the govenor will intervine in an emergency move, gee who has that kind of connections?

  • Leland Fan

    Great idea to start that online petition! I hope you guys get somewhere with it. I know I signed it!

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