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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A schoolyard brawl isn’t news, until it hits YouTube allowing the whole world to access the girl fight at Laney High School. Brooke Glisson’s mom Emily says her daughter is the victim of the fight and she doesn’t want her daughter’s future destroyed by someone else’s recklessness.

“Things like this that get on YouTube, when you got to look for a job or look to go to college and somebody Google’s that,” said Emily Carder. “Once it’s online that’s going to affect you. What you do today in school and what you do in high school today will affect you in the future.”

Carder says she is concerned about her daughter Brooke now that a video of a schoolyard fight involving her daughter was posted on YouTube. Carder says Brooke was attacked by the other girl in the video and wanted no part in the fight. She says the other girl called “TT” instigated the altercation first by calling Brooke names. Then, Carder says TT threw a drink which she says was soda on Brooke before the fight even started.

“The video that’s on YouTube doesn’t show that part,” says Carder. “It only shows the part where my daughter is being grabbed by the hair and thrown on the ground.”

Carder says the other girl has continued to harass Brooke online since the fight happened and she’s worried about what “TT” could do next.

“She has sent messages to my daughter saying that she’s ready for round two,” said Carder. “That she enjoyed how my daughter squirmed under her fist when she was beating her.”

Carder says to her this is the obvious work of a bully. She says she thinks teenagers resort to fighting because of what they see on television but she thinks some kids may need a reality check.

“You never lay your hand on somebody or something like that,” said Carder. “There’s no excuse for it. None.”

Carder says the Brooke was given three days suspension and the other girl was given five days. She says her family will not tolerate the abuse her daughter suffered and they plan to take legal action.


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  • Guest1234

    Are you serious? You have no idea what you are talking about. Parents don’t want this to go to court. They are forced for it to go to court. When kids get into fights now regardless if they are defending theirselves or not, it goes to court. The resource officers are involved not just the principal and their parents you know. It is immediately turned over to the resource officers and they make the charges. Then, the kids have to go downtown to the Juvenile Court and see a person of the court. Then, that person makes the judgment if it goes in front of a judge or not. What happened to go to the office see the principal your parents get called and then the punishment is dealt with? Now, it is this NO Tolerance crap. Like that is really helping. Kids are fighting at a higher rate now and they are more evil than ever when they do it. This time it was a one on one situation. But, that is far and few between anymore. The gang of kids nowadays are all saying Come get your one but the one turns into 6 or more of them on one person. Then, the kid gets stabbed or shot. I find all the high schools here over rated. Who cares anymore about the prom, senior trip, homecoming, football games and ect… That is why my child at the start of second semester is leaving her school and going to the adult high school at Cape Fear. If she wants all that after school activities I will throw them for her and her friends. Because high schools are overated and full of thugs. But, good luck to the ones who are stuck there and have to spend six hours a day around it. By the way THUG to me means all walks of life not just one race and age. There are good kids out there who want to be there and succeed, it is a shame the Thugs can’t be kicked out. Here is a new rule for the school board, “One time of breaking the No tolerance rule THEY are out”. Not the first time you get In school suspension, second time one day outta school, third time 2 days outta school, and fourth time we talk to your parents about ten days out. It is a shame what this has all come to. God Bless us all in this day and age.

  • Guest1966

    Actually fighting IS a crime! Its called assault and battery! And if one girl clearly got beaten, she’s a VICTIM! Arguments happen, fights are criminal! And Bullying is now a crime too! After all, bullies rarely remember their victims, but the victims never forget their bullies, you would hate it if one day the victim snapped, took out the bully, and YOU or YOURS were in the cross hairs!

    Maybe your too old and to rural to live in the BIG CITY!

  • only on 3

    so WWAY’s given the kids what they wanted – exposure – and right or wrong exposure at that. They received coverage on YouTube and now they’re on the local news. Wow, what a nice thing to be able to put on a resume and does this really deserve the #1 spot of news on the website.

  • k john? u dont know me so obviously u cant say im trash and just because my ex boyfriend did something stupid doesnt mean im like him or make the same mistakes

  • Guest1946

    Why should something that happened in a public place be illegal to post on YouTube? The video in no way hurt anyone or violated any rights. Why should anyone be arrested or go to court? This was simply 2 girls having a fight. It happens. The only problem I see is the overreaction of some parents, and them wanting to take it into the legal system.

  • Guestuncw11

    Hey here’s a brilliant idea. We have all four of our children in karate to teach them to defend themselves. Try putting your kids in self defense classes and you would be amazed at how they can take care of themselves. TT would have been taken down by any of my kids.

  • Guest Youtuber

    Don’t fret…WWAY was actually late at getting the news on this Rocky Balboa type event.
    The fight video is scheduled to be on Tosh.o and America’s Funniest Videos in the Spring, and may even find a spot on American Idol with options for the 2 girls to have a career in film and TV because, even the loser gets a piece of the pie on American Idol.
    All of this takes the pressure off of Saffo and both Berger’s…wouldn’t you all agree?
    If this type of entertainment is what you like….then have at it:

  • concernmom

    This is news worthy. but, it should be against the law to post on YouTube. That is what is wrong. Kids think if they make YouTube they have made it in the world. I think it is a shame. Kids look up to this trash. And most of the time you will see them on CNN, etc. That is what is wrong. It should be on the news that they are in jail and charges have been brought against them. but, what is so bad is the parents will pay the price, with lawyers, etc.. The kids will be stars. That is what needs to change.

  • John

    I go to laney and saw the fight and theyre both trash. T.T. has been kicked out of multiple schools and brookes boyfriend sucker punched some dude for no apparent reason a couple weeks ago then continued to call him profanities. Theyl both grow up to be unsuccessful people who contribute nothing and I’m sure this is the first of many times both will be on the news for something negative

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