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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover County Animal Control Manager Jean McNeil has been fired. McNeil confirmed her dismissal to WWAY, but she said she could not talk about what happened at this time.

McNeil had been on administrative leave since Dec. 22. She says being placed on leave was retaliation from her boss Health Director David Rice after McNeil raised concerns about her workers not receiving emergency pay during Hurricane Irene. She also blamed Rice for ignoring her allegations of violence in the workplace.

The Board of Health discussed McNeil’s suspension last week, but no decisions were made at that time.

Stay with WWAY for more information as it becomes available.


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  • You made your bed

    Couldn’t agree more. The people in the “know” as well as those who were miserable under that type of authority are sure to breathe a sigh of relief.

  • Karma!!

    All I can say is JEAN, what comes around goes around!! You laid in bed with that crooked NHC system for years, now they are giving you a taste of your, and their, medicine! Swallow it down hon!!

  • seekthetrjth

    The whole OT and workplace violence charges are most likely a red herring for something that had to br huge to fire Ms. McNeil. Te County would not fire her without just cause knowing a massive lawsuit would follow.

  • not concerned

    Dr. McNeil has retained an attorney and has been instructed to get as much publicity as possible in the hope that the county will settle with very little “bad” press .
    The public will probably never know the details but Dr. McNeil was NOT fired because of her stated reasons. There is a LOT more to it than that. HR and county attorneys were consulted before she was fired.
    Having said that, I actually really like Jean and I hope that the person she used to be is still in there somewhere because if what I have heard is right, there is no way she will win ANY lawsuit against her former employer.

  • truthhasnoagenda

    Do you honestly believe that someone of Dr. McNeil’s stature would be fired over OT pay or her allegation of “workplace” violence. Of course not–the county isn’t stupid enough to go on a witch hunt with her–no one knows the whole truth except the powers that be. Things (or people) are not always what they seem.

  • Private

    What’s so funny are the comments saying she was trying to get extra money. Yeah……for her employess. As far as it being a tax payer issue. It comes from a totally different budget. State of ER funds come from State…not county. So, tax payers should be concerned that the state budge didnt kick in and do what was suppose to be done. instead, your county money paid when it shouldn’t have. If other county employees got paid ER pay, why wouldn’t the animal control? They are county employees too. They had to report during the storm too. what makes them any different? How many people wouldn’t love to have a supervisor who will stand up for them?

  • Disgruntled

    What folks in North Carolina continually fail to recognize is that whistle blower laws at the municipal/county government level are virtually non-existent!

    This is a right to work, at-will state. They can fire you at any time, and for the flimsiest of excuses. She can sue, but it’s likely not to amount to much, and she will have to decide if she wants to go through the hassle, and the money to do so. All of these things favor the employer.

    Unless a solid case can be made for a violation of state or federal law (and you can bet that the lawyer weasels looked at this closely before they pulled the trigger), she probably doesn’t have much of a leg to stand on.

    It is JUST the way them good ol’ boys like it! I see a classic bait and switch here…employees of all stripes are told they will have to come in during an emergency and do their jobs (meanwhile, everyone else has run for the hills, are hunkered down, or getting drunk with family) and they will be compensated by the in-force pay plan.

    This employee (apparently) attempted to ensure her folks were paid according to that plan. Now, the county (apparently) is backing out of that agreement.

    I hope she has a compelling case…but, look at who is running things around here (ethically challenged) and you’ll soon see that in order to get along, you must go along (if you want to remain employed).

  • PublicAvenger

    You mean she didn’t get extra pay, during the hurricane, Boo Hoo. Maybe she should take a year off, at the expense of the tax payers, to “recover” from such a “injustice”.

  • It deeply concerns me when a person who has held a position for a number of years, with excellent record of same, can be so easily terminated. It’s also hard to believe that there is not some validity to the retaliation accusations.

    I choose to call myself a friend of Jean, and have personally met her in past. One of the sweetest personalities I’ve encountered in the Wilmington area. Very dissappointed, and praying for her. Through faith, it will work out for her good.

  • Charles Walters

    Bring violence in the work place to the attention of her boss, and demanding the pay her staff is entitled to for working during a Hurricane gets a person fired. New Hanover County is going to pay out of the a** for targeting Dr. McNeil. Personally the city and county governments need an enema to clean out all of the CRAP. Then maybe Wilmington and New Hanover County will become a place where people want to come and live again.

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