CFCC drama instructor in new Mark Wahlberg film


WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — If you catch the latest Mark Wahlberg film, Contraband, which opens nationwide on Friday, you might recognize a familiar face from Wilmington.

CFCC instructor Jack Landry will appear in a small speaking role in the film.

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Landry, who teaches acting in CFCC’s Humanities and Fine Arts Department, auditioned for a role in the film last year and landed the part.

He traveled to New Orleans to shoot his scenes last March and spent two weeks on set, where he worked with JK Simmons (who appeared in Juno, Spider-Man and others) along with Mark Wahlberg.

“From an actor’s perspective, it was an awesome experience,” Landry said.

The director of the film had also done quite a bit of acting, so he really left a lot of room for the actors to improvise and actually contribute their own lines.

“A lot of the lines were improvised, so as an actor, it was a lot of fun,” Landry said.

Being in front of the camera also helped Landry as an instructor too. On set, he recorded much of the behind the scenes activity on his iPhone and talked with the crew to share the experience with students at CFCC.

Landry said that the experience has been especially helpful in his “Acting for the Camera” course at the college.

“It’s great to be able to use something I have a real passion for and apply it to the classroom. Students really respond when you can use a real-life situation to demonstrate what you are trying to teach,” Landry said.