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NAVASSA, NC (WWAY) — The town of Navassa is no stranger to conflict, and that continued Tuesday night during an emergency town council meeting.

The council met to discuss a personnel issue and $4,000 of FEMA grant money for Hurricane Irene damage, but residents who were there had a lot more to talk about.

The council immediately went into closed session to discuss the personnel issue, but in the meantime residents said they are sick of having so many questions and not getting answers.

“Right now and more recent years, there’s just been so many things that have come into question,” said Dorsey Jones, a Navassa resident and former mayoral candidate.

Residents say many questions revolve around the town’s budget issues. The town just completed its 2009-2010 audit, which was due in October 2010, and another audit is also due.

“We’ve got to do the audit for 2010-2011,” said Mayor Eulis Willis. “The auditor is scheduled to come in here on January 18.”

Jones says the audits are not the only thing of concern.

“There have been a lot of things highlighted as questionable in terms of practices, in terms of handling money, whether it be for grants and or loans,” he said.

Several residents say the new board, which has been in place for about month now, needs to get its act together.

“What they need to do is give the new board a chance,” said Mayor Willis.

Jones says transparency is something that needs to become more readily available among the board.

“I’d hope that somewhere along the line that we would be able to get the answers because there are a lot of questions and we have yet to hear really concise information,” said Jones.

Willis says folks just need to give the new board and him a little time to work through the issues folks have with the town.

“What’s important to me is that i need to understand and represent all viewpoints, you know the new board, the old board and still try to get this town where we need to be,” said Willis.

Residents were also concerned with how the town is dealing with issues surrounding the sewer system.


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  • Bench Warmers

    I am all for doing what is right, but why must we always be a part of the problem and not a part of the solution. It is easy to post negative comments about an individual, or a community as a whole when there is only talking and speculation involved. Maybe all of what is being said is true, maybe there are some elements of fabrication. My point is that predominately black neighborhoods are already looked down upon. Must your dirty laundry be aired for all to read! We are already seen as a group of barbaric, uneducated, violent, unorganized, and unprofessional people. Let’s not give anyone anything else to talk about. If you want to be productive, go through the proper channels and find a resolution. This post was not meant to degredate but to motivate others to live, even on the world wide web like God is watching.

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