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By Hans Nichols
Bloomberg News

President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign is considering moving the final day of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, to Bank of America Stadium to sell more skyboxes to wealthy donors, according to three Democrats involved in the fundraising.

The almost 74,000-seat home of the Carolina Panthers professional football team would also have room for the convention to sell more floor passes close to the stage. Planners for the event are struggling to meet a $36.6 million fundraising goal, according to the Democrats, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to discuss the matter.

Obama’s advisers are aware of the political downside of the president delivering his nationally televised acceptance in a stadium named for a bank that considered imposing a fee that he said would have “mistreated” customers, they said.

That would be outweighed by the chance to lure more big- dollar contributors, including corporate foundations, to cover the convention’s costs, the three Democrats said. The rest of the convention, scheduled to begin Sept. 3, will be conducted at the Time Warner Cable Arena.

Joanne Peters, press secretary for the Charlotte convention, said, “We plan to hold the convention at the Time Warner Cable Arena.”

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  • kristin watkins

    Wonder if it will look like Greece again with those tacky columns precursor to how we look today ( after his 6 trillion dollars that he is responsible for spending of tax payers money) OR it could have a Communist motif!!! VOTE HIM OUT!!!!

  • guesty

    The Carolina Panthers are a losing football team and so is obama. They go well together.

  • Guest28451

    Its the only thing big enough to hold his ego and the 5 trillion in debt he’s run up in 3 yrs.

  • Lolly

    He could and should have brought our troops home alot sooner then he did. He chose not too because he doesn’t care. He’s not over there putting his life on the line! Obama is one careless selfish man, he doesn’t care about any body else but himself and the family.

    He is the first president to ever fly to Hawaii for Christmas while former presidents went to Camp David and or spent it out the White house.

    Here we are such a poor economy, people loosing jobs and homes and he is taking vacations all over the world on private jets for him and his family! Some president he is!

    Kick him out of office and lets move on. He’s done the damage and lets bring someone in who knows what they are doing. Someone who can run this world and the white house!

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