CFCC teacher joins Wahlberg in ‘Contraband’


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — From the classroom to the big screen, one Cape Fear Community College teacher is in a major motion picture hitting theaters tomorrow.

Jack Landry, the lead drama instructor at CFCC, is in the new movie “Contraband” staring Mark Wahlberg. It’s an exciting experience for both landry and his students.

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“I just got lucky with ‘Contraband’ and scored a little part and it kind of turned into more than I initially thought,” Landry said.

Landry has been in a few shows and movies in his lifetime, but this might be the biggest one yet. The movie “Contraband” is what he calls the “Italian Job” on water. Landry says he expects to be in a few scenes in the $41 million film.

“I play the second officer who is the officer on… we actually shot on the Belatrix, which is the biggest boat the Navy owns,” Landry said.

The movie was shot in New Orleans and Panama back in the spring. Wahlberg also produced the film. Landry says he enjoyed the limited time he spent with him.

“He was super nice, very cordial,” Landry said. “A couple times he would come up and say, ‘Is everyone treating you ok?” So you know, it was a great experience.”

As the premiere date to his new movie approaches, Landry’s not the only one pumped about his role. His students at Cape Fear say they’re just as excited.

“I think it’s really cool,” Elizabeth Ferguson said. “I get to say I know some person that’s going to be on the big screen.”

Zeeko Zaki said, “I didn’t know that he was doing that movie, and I’ve seen trailers for it, and it looks awesome. I’m really excited that he gets to be a part of it.”

Many students say they plan on going to the theater this weekend to see their teacher in action. As for Landry, he says he will probably get dressed up and go to the movie with family and friends.

“Because for whatever reason they didn’t call me for the big premiere.,” he said “I don’t know why I think that’s crazy. I’m so integral to the story.”

Landry also hopes that this movie wont be his last and plans on being in more films or shows in the future.

“I’m looking forward to whatever they call me in for,” he said.

Landry has lived in wilmington since 2005. He has had roles in the TV shows “One Tree Hill” and “Surface.”