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CHADBOURN, NC (WWAY) — A Columbus County man is dead after being shot during an alleged home break-in. Investigators are trying to figure out if the man was shot by a resident of the home or his own partner in crime.

Around 1:30 a.m. Thursday morning residents of this home on North Wilkes Street in Chadbourn say two men forced their way in. They kicked in the door, knocking the frame loose. On the other end a frightened resident who was willing to defend himself.

A roommate, who does not want to be identified, said his friend shot at the intruders as they burst through the door. The buck shot from the 12-gauge shotgun hit one of the two intruders. The resident tells us the men were startled when they saw the gun and heard the blast, running out the door.

The man who was shot, Eddie Best Jr., fell to the ground along the side of the home. The other suspect ran off toward the back. Police confirm Best died at the hospital about an hour later.

According to Chadbourn police, Best did not live to far from the scene of the crime. His home was down the road on South Wilkes Street.

Despite what the residents tell WWAY, the police department initially reported to other media outlets that once the alleged robbers were inside, one of the suspects shot his partner. Chadbourn Police say the confusion about what really happened has led to a lag in the investigation as they continue to piece together the truth and figure out who shot and killed the man.

Police Chief Steven Shaw says the investigation has now shifted focus. He is now calling the incident an apparent first degree burglary, which resulted in self defense.

No arrests have been made. The investigation continues.


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  • Guest26

    everybody has something negative to say a mother lost there child if it was yall and 1 of your kids did this and your family get up here and see all this hurtful stuff being said about your love 1 it would really hurt show some respect for the family

  • oatka

    Not often realized is that this shooting has a long term effect on future crime as well. A fact that liberals try to suppress is that crimes are committed by criminals, not guns, and not poor people.

    Criminals have the attitude that what’s yours is theirs, and if you get in their way they can do whatever they want to you for interfering. Most criminals start at an early age and continue their chosen profession whenever they’re not in prison – they are usually not rehabilitated and instead learn new tricks. Killing one early on probably eliminates a hundred or more future crimes and quite possibly a few lives as well.

  • GrizzlyRN

    Good Job to whoever pulled the trigger. He got what he deserved!

  • .45causetheydon’tmakea.46

    It seems lately people are defending themselves legally, and using common sense to do it.
    I haven’t heard of any innocent bystanders getting hurt, to the contrary, excellent “gun control” has been demonstrated by private citizens and clerks.

    Police or Deputies can’t be in your driveway 24 hours a day.

    It would be interesting to have some stats that prove crime goes down when the public, properly trained and licensed, defend themselves. The stats have been around for a long time, just glossed over with over emotional sensationalism from the national liberal media that thinks your too stupid to take care of yourselves.

    It looks like it doesn’t end well for the crooks.

    And please, don’t call me a racist out of control gun fanatic.

    I believe in self defense for all citizens.

    We have seen in the last decade, prison doesn’t rehabilitate anyone.

    Then, there are the lawyers. They have never seen anyone who just needs to plead guilty. Not when an open ended court calendar and years of taxpayer appeals can be had.

    But you really can’t blame them, how many of us would like to write our own paychecks.

    In closing, citizens seem to be tired of being victims, giving up money or cars, and still getting killed. And judging from recent events, no one is spraying lead into the daycare next door. So ask yourself, can I defend myself, and how do i get training and a carry permit.

    And to the crooks and home invasion crew, get some life insurance.

  • Guest857

    Senior has a criminal record a mile long. Junior looks like he wanted to follow his Father’s footsteps. Hey Eddie Best, isn’t it time you woke up? Your son is dead because of your guidance. We have met the enemy and he ourselves

  • The best law we have had come along in years, now we can shoot these low lifes when they try to take what’s NOT theirs and it’s legal.
    The thing that gets me is all these crying hearts who think this is wrong, tell you what if you think it is all right for someone to take what you have worked for, and nothing be done about it, then please by all means, load all your stuff up and place it out by the road and then they can have it without anyone getting hurt.
    As for me, I have worked for over 40 years for what I have and no low life crack head is going to get it without a fight, and the fight will be with my Glock.
    Why is it that every time one of these low lifes get what they have coming, all of a sudden they are nothing but a super good person who made a simple mistake and it was wrong to shoot them.
    Ask yourself how many murders HAVEN’T happen because the killer didn’t want to break a “gun law”.
    Every law that keeps honest people from having a gun is nothing but a law to help the low lifes.
    The state and the court system can’t stop the increase in the crack heads and low lifes stealing every thing not nailed down, and some things that are, so finally we, the hard working honest people, have had enough and are fighting back.
    Maybe if about a couple of hundred of these thiefs get killed, then maybe we can go back to the good old days when doors weren’t locked at night and you didn’t have to worry.
    The only thing missing now is a state law that pays the shooter for saving the state a lot of money, lets see if the thief is caught, we have to feed them, free medical care, free meals, free lawyers, etc. so to make things right lets say:
    shoot one and they live you get $100.00 tax credit.
    shoot one and they push up daisies you get $2500.00 tax credit
    this will make the state budget better off and make everone learn to shot better, hell a good shooter could make 20 grand a year.

  • alexis

    That was my cousin that got shot u dummy I was sad dat he died u should have sympathy his mother is my aunt and she is going through a lot

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