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JACKSONVILLE, NC (WWAY) — The recently surfaced web video reportedly shows Marines from Camp Lejeune urinating on dead Taliban bodies. A Marine Corps official said today the four men in the video were members of the Camp Lejeune-based third battalion second marines. The video was reportedly taken during a deployment to Afghanistan.

After showing it to folks in Jacksonville, where most either know a Marine or have previously served in the Corps, we got mixed reactions.

“After watching that video it kind of disgusted me because my whole family is retired military and I don’t think that’s a proper behavior,” said Bradley Cordle, a Jacksonville resident.

“It was disgusting, very disheartening,” said Christina Rampe, who also lives in Jacksonville. “I’m almost in awe that that was happening.”

That viewpoint seemed to be felt across the board with military and Washington officials However, some say the marines in the video should just be left alone.

“They are out there serving our country, which they volunteered for,” said Andrew Dill, of Jacksonville. “A lot of people don’t sign up for that and anyone giving them a hard time is basically un-American.”

Andrew dill says what the men did in the video is nothing compared to what the taliban have done to american troops.

“They’re the Taliban,” he said. “They would kill every one of us here if they had the chance.”

But some wonder if the video could give a black eye to the Corps and Camp Lejeune.

“I hope it doesn’t generalize what people think of service men and women,” said Rampe.


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