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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A grisly discovery for Wilmington Police officers searching for a missing person today. While looking for clues, officers found a body buried outside a downtown Wilmington home.

Police say they found the body this morning in a shallow grave outside the home at North 4th and Cowan Streets.

“My first thought was I was shocked,” said William Wells, who lives in the home. “I said, ‘no. Oh, my goodness, that couldn’t be true.'”

The female body was discovered outside the house at 1115 Cowan Street on the north end of downtown Wilmington.

Police spokesman Kevin Smith says family members of a young woman had notified police Tuesday she was missing and was last seen at that house.

“As part of that investigation, we determined that she might have been at this address, so an officer came out here and responded in attempt to try and locate her,” Smith said.

Smith said two people were arrested at the home last night, but not in connection with the body.

Wells says he had no idea something like this could happen.

“I knew they were investigating a missing person, that’s all,” he said.

Wells says he lives with his brother and another man named Bernard, who he believes was dating the missing girl. He has not seen Bernard since yesterday. He said he doesn’t know if Bernard would have been capable of something like this.

“I don’t know what’s going through someone’s mind,” Wells said.

Smith says police are not sure yet if the body found is the missing person.

“We have to take our time and do things slowly and meticulously so that we can with surety discover the identity of the person we have found,” he said.

Police say they cannot release any names until they have identified the body and notify family. Smith says investigators do have a suspect in the case, but cannot release a name yet.


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