Wife of beaten Marine feels compassion for husband’s killer


    JACKSONVILLE, NC (WCTI) — A Marine’s wife says she feels nothing but compassion for the service member who investigators say fatally wounded her husband.

    Staff Sergeant Jimmie Senn, 34, died from severe head trauma Saturday, days after police say he was punched by fellow Camp Lejeune Marine, 22-year-old Brandon Cotter (above, left).

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    Senn was a motor transport maintenance chief at Camp Johnson. He served as a Marine for 16 years, and was deployed for three tours overseas. His wife, B.J. Senn, said in a phone interview Monday her husband was not wounded in a bar brawl, but hit his head on the ground after a single punch.

    “It was just a freak accident,” Senn said. “The doctors and detectives said this could happen 500,000 times, and this one time it was fatal.”

    Senn said she and her husband went to Duck’s Grille & Bar in Jacksonville early January 7. She said they had a pleasant conversation with Cotter and Erik Ketterman, a 22-year-old Marine also facing charges in the incident. The conversation later deteriorated, but Senn said she could not explain what happened, citing an ongoing police investigation.

    “There was no boasting about rank, or anything like that,” Senn said. “We were saying to them, ‘Welcome home, thank you for serving in Afghanistan.'”

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