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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A funeral procession complete with casket and dirge marched through the streets of downtown Wilmington today. It was not a person the Occupy Wilmington group mourned, but what they call the downfall of democracy.

The Occupy movement is protesting the Supreme Court decision that grants corporations “personhood.” Protestors say it gives corporations the power to buy elections and run our government.

“It is a travesty to our democracy that corporations can spend as much money as possible, with no limit, on our elections,” Occupier Keenen Altic said. “It’s something that, you know, nobody else out here has enough money to compete with that.”

Altic says although it may seem the Occupy movement is diminishing, the group is still strong and making an impact.


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  • GuestILM3

    If the people of the wilmington occupy group are so interested in safety,peace,harmony and justice-ask them why so many people are dropping out of their group,including women,for feeling unsafe. you won’t get an honest answer,but maybe it’s about time someone started asking that group-who uses any cause it can get it’s hands on to make itself look good,what really goes on inside of it before trusting any of their claims of wanting protection for anyone. here we have a group who says it’s for the people,who cannot and will not even protect the people in it’s own group(they had the funds to help put towards the young mans bail who was arrested in connection to not moving from Innis Park and decided not to use it) and make’s members speak under a veil of privacy so no outsiders will know what really goes on. so to come on this website or any other,or go on tv and talk about justice,peace or harmony is hypocritical at best,disgusting at worst. wilmington needs to know what this group is REALLY all about.

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