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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Wilmington couple is fighting for the worth of their dog that died in 2007. State officials say the pet is worth the cost of replacing it. The couple says their dog Laci, was much more than a piece of property.

They called Laci their baby girl. Herb and Nancy Shera’s Jack Russell terrier was part of their family. In 2007 Laci died after veterinarians at NC State inserted a feeding tube in her trachea instead of her esophagus.

Since then the couple has been fighting a battle with the state, which says Laci is only worth $350, which is the cost of replacing her. The Sheras’ attorney argues they are entitled to more than $28,000, which was the cost of Laci’s cancer treatments at NC State.

The Sheras believe the law is outdated and hope what they’re doing will help to change it.

“This is not about money,” Nancy Shera said. “This is about justice for Laci, awareness and hopefully to change the law so that no other family or pet has to go through this.”

The Sheras’ case made it to the state Court of Appeals yesterday, but a decision is not expected for a couple of months.


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  • Guest Pepper

    We remember today & celebrate…. July the 4th. Laci’s family remembers it is Laci’s birthday. She was tragically taken from them by the Vet school years ago, and she is missed terribly each day.
    Yes, July 4th for the “Miss Independence” Laci, “beloved companion” that has made a big difference, in how our pets are to be treated in the future. Her case made a statement. What a gift she was / is to her family and so many others.

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