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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — Democratic North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue says she is not running for re-election this year.

Perdue released a statement Thursday saying she won’t seek another four-year term because she believes a re-election bid would make it more difficult to find a bipartisan solution to fund public education in a divisive political environment.


Perdue became North Carolina’s first woman governor in 2008.

She has faced poor poll numbers, continued budget troubles and a campaign investigation while Republicans took over the Legislature last year.

Perdue announced last week she would offer a budget this spring that would seek a sales tax increase for education. Republicans let a temporary sales tax increase expire last summer.

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  • SurfCityTom

    McCrory would have handed her head to her on a platter; and she knew it.

    Now she can take her nearly $1,000,000 campaign fund and go into retirement.

    Or maybe the Educaion Governor will apply to be the new head of CFCC.

  • Monkey Junction

    That says a whole lot about Pat McCrory as he could not beat Purdue.

  • Guestby

    Out with the old and in with a new, GOODBYE PERDUE! Woooohoooo.

    Your employees!

  • Robert Green

    Happy should now dial up Obama and he should do likewise.The excuse for not seeking a second term is lame.Maybe it was because you are an idiot and the job is above your pay grade.Ronald McDonald could probably win going head to head over Bozo Perdue.

  • inherworld

    Gov. Perdue did a wonderful and marvelous job for the State of North Carolina….

    Hold on….I woke up in HER world….Sorry…

    Goodbye….Tax and Spender!!!!!

  • WX_Guy

    Clearly, Perdue has become a rather unpopular governor. Consider the larger picture.

    NC will likely be a battleground state in the national election in Nov. An unpopular Democrat governor would be a liability rather than an asset to the Big O.

    Isn’t it curious that the story apparently broke in the Washington Post before it made it to NC news outlets?

  • Guest Reply

    This decision by Bev raises 12 questions for North Carolinian’s:
    1. How will this effect gas prices?
    2. Will Screen Gems Protest?
    3. Will lottery tax dollars “now” go back to NC Education again?
    4. Will food prices go up…or down?
    5. Will my neighbors dog quit barking at night?
    6. Will she be homeless now?
    7. Will her hair color go back to brown?
    8. Will she lose her invitations to “Family Reunions?
    9. Will she get state funded “Secret Service Protection?”…..
    10.Does she lose her “Frequent Flier Miles” now?
    11.Does this mean Bill Saffo will switch over now to running for Governor?
    12.If Bill Saffo does run for NC Governor…will North Korea intervene?

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