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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY’s “THE RANT”) — Well, it only took 84 days for our newest Wilmington City Council members and the mayor to break their campaign promise on taxes.

Tuesday, Mayor Bill Saffo announced the city is moving ahead to pursue building a new 6,000 seat baseball stadium. And, he’s not afraid to raise property taxes to get it done. “It might be a tax increase to pay for it. I’m not going to sugarcoat this thing,” he told the media during a news conference, “But of course we’d have to have a public forum, public input to see where the public stand on this because the public might be very much against it, but we’ve had a lot of people that have indicated they’d be very supportive of it, but it does come with a cost.”

In September, during an interview with Chad Adams on The Big Talker FM, Saffo said no taxes for the stadium.

During the campaign leading up to last November’s election, Councilman Neil Anderson also ran on a platform of not raising taxes. Here’s a quote from his campaign website that is still up-and-running at http://voteneilanderson.com/issues.html:

Low taxes; strong police and fire departments; and solid infrastructure are all key ingredients for our local economy to breed new jobs. If we focus on these essential public services and stay committed to these core principles, then we will create a city in the future where we will still be proud to live…a city that will attract entrepreneurs and businesses without expensive incentives…and a city where our children can return home to find a good job and wonderful place to raise their families.”

We need a city government that will work for all of us…that will place a greater value on our tax dollars and perform the essential services government was intended to do and not continue to blur the lines and proliferate. As a Council member, I will always ask this fundamental question before casting every vote, “Is this something the city needs to be involved in or is this something the free market can address more efficiently and effectively?”

On October 19, Councilwoman Margaret Haynes told us, “I think we’ve got to maintain our tax rate. I think that’s really important, so if that means we have to belt tighten some more, then we’re going to have to do more,” Haynes said. Click here to read the entire story. http:wway.wcbi.com/2011/10/19/candidate-profile-margaret-haynes

Guess it goes to prove a politician will tell you anything to get elected.


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  • Truthseeker

    So a politician lies, whats new. You idiots keep electing Baffoon to mayor so you get what you vote for. Personally I have never voted for this liar and never will. This city has been spending money, taxpayer money as if there is no limit. How many things do we have we do not want? How hard do out of city areas fight to not be annexed? Baffoon and the council is why. Who would want to pay more to be in a city that does not offer one thing you do not already have except higher taxes. I was in the first annexation and not one thing has changed other than higher taxes, higher storm water charges, higher trash service and a incompetant city baffoon council. To hell with the convention center, baseball team, fix the damn streets. Front end alignment shops thrive because of city streets that have ruts, holes, worn our and Baffoon concentrates on baseball. Give me a break. These idiots have to be voted out, no choice, they do not have our interest at heart. The baffoons represent only a small minority of this city. The rich, elite and stupid!

  • Another drained tax payer

    This is not the field of dreams movie.Just because you build it don’t mean they will come.I can bet you if you build it years to come it will be another place for the junkies and punks to hang out.Just build a nice park and leave it at that.They want to burn our tax dollars do something good build a nice homeless shelter so when you guys have us on the streets with our children we can stay at a place we helped build with our hard earn money.The ones that really want this raise the money your self start with selling barbecue that’s good that would make you money,throw a telethon,have a yard sale,sell candy bars do something than spend my money on this crazy ideal.And they think Berger has lost it.I think this is a case of the pot calling the kettle black the whole group is losing there noodle if they choose to build a ball park!

  • taxpayer

    Occupy Wilmington folks will have to say. Only those that own property within the City limits will be affected…the majority of OW folks won’t. Not to mention the residents of Section 8 housing…won’t hear a peep out of them either.

  • ChefnSurf

    They all lie and we all let them. Shame on all of us, myself included, for not holding any of our elected officials accountable in a meaningful way for virtually anything they say or do.

  • John Osmar

    Can it possibly be legal for elected officials to lie to the public, extort $35million from the public, and charge the public to use the facility built with the money? If an Atlanta Braves’ minor league baseball team is such a good deal, then let the Braves pay for it. $35million is about what they pay their pitchers for one year. I live in Carolina Beach, and if the county officials change their mind and support this, I will be first in line to sign the Recall Petition.

  • Guest CommonTater

    You are right on the money Truthseeker. I too have never voted for this liar and never will. Year after year the same lies and issues exist and the folks around here just keep voting the idiots back in. **shakes head**

    Thank you sir may I have another?

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