Virgo to reopen with new plan, vision


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — D.C. Virgo Middle School will once again open its doors, but not in a way administrators planned.

Recently, the state denied the school’s application for charter status, so the school will be a public school, with a twist.

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Toshiba Dowd recently moved to Wilmington. Right now, her children go to Holly Shelter Middle School. She’s looking forward to enrolling them in Virgo.

“I am really excited about it, because it’s so convenient since it’s across the street,” Virgo said. “I would be able to be involved in my kids, more involved with everything that’s going on.”

The New Hanover County School Board wanted to reopen Virgo as a charter school. Because the state denied the charter application, Virgo will once again be a traditional public school.

Virgo closed because of low attendance. School administrators say they have a plan in place to keep enrollment high.

School Superintendent Tim Markley says Virgo will still incorporate some charter school ideas. The school will have an advisory board. Also, the school will partner with the Blue Ribbon Commission’s Youth Enrichment Zone. It’s a group that works with parents to make sure students succeed.

“If we can make sure the home side is being taken care of and that we’re making sure that there are needs at home, that the staff at the Youth Enrichment Zone can help those parents meet some of those needs, then they’ll be better off when they come to school,” Dr. Markley said.

The school will also bring in 21st century technology. Instead of textbooks, the students will use iPads.

The school will also open with a new name. The advisory board will get the final say, but right now, it might be called D.C. Virgo Preparatory Academy.