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WILMINGTON,NC (WWAY) — Some schools are movin’ on up. Some are staying put. In Wilmington the new conference looks like it’s going to be a split conference. Either way you slice it the North Carolina High School Athletic Association released its second realignment plan on Thursday.

Most athletic directors in our region are content with the new plan, but Topsail is not included in this group. Topsail, which used to be a 1-A school until the last realignment, doesn’t want to be placed into a 3-A/4-A conference with the four Wilmington high schools. North Brunswick athletics director Gary Baldwin isn’t happy with the proposal either. As of Thursday afternoon he’s not ruling out an appeal.

The 2013-17 realignment plan is expected to become official on March 15th.

Second & current realignment proposal:

4-A 3-A Conference
Ashley 4-A
Hoggard 4-A
Laney 4-A
New Hanover 4-A
South Brunswick 3-A
Topsail 3-A
West Brunswick 3-A

2-A 1-A Conference
Clinton 2-A
East Bladen 2-A
Midway 2-A
West Bladen 2-A
Pender 1-A
Trask 1-A
Union 1-A
Wallace-Rose Hill 1-A

2-A 1-A Conference
Fairmont 2-A
Red Springs 2-A
South Columbus 2-A
St. Pauls 2-A
East Columbus 1-A
South Robeson 1-A
West Columbus 1-A
Whiteville 1-A

2-A Conference
Croatan 2-A
Dixon 2-A
East Duplin 2-A
North Brunswick 2-A
Northside 2-A
SW Onslow 2-A


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