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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — You might say the City of Wilmington is still in the first inning of the effort to bring baseball to town. City leaders say there’s still a lot to be done including where to build.

Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo says it’s time to figure out the logistics of building a new baseball stadium in the Port City. He says various locations are under consideration.

“As of today, we’ve had several people that have come forward to talk to us about the possibility of selling their property for the ballpark,” said Saffo, who would not give details of specific locations.

Linda Register represents a plot of land across the river from the Convention Center. She says the location is perfect for the new stadium.

“First of all, we already have a decent highway system that comes right by this property,” she said. “Second of all, it’s right on the point where the two rivers connect, and I think there’s almost eight acres here, so there’s ample space. And you could be sitting in the stadium and what would your view be but downtown Wilmington.”

Register says if the ballpark is built across the river from downtown, it would help build up the riverfront on both sides.

“I think if we can make this as beautiful as the other side then we would have a total inner harbor experience,” Register said.

Figuring out where the park should go is just one of the issues facing the city. It plans to spend about $433,000 over the next year and a half just on various costs tied to the negotiations.

Saffo says the city is working to ease residents’ concerns.

“We have to have it all evaluated and processed, so when we come out with what this thing is going to cost, people will know exactly what those numbers are,” Saffo said.

Register says she has not yet formally presented the property to the city, but she hopes to do that next week.


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  • Melvin Purvis

    I would love to see baseball here, but why doesn’t the City ask the Braves or Mandalay to spend any money on the upfront costs? If this were a true partnership, they would be paying at least 50% of the cost of the ballpark, not 13% as the Star reported. This deal is so one-sided against the taxpayers, it is ridiculous!

  • Bradley Dunn

    It appears that leaders in Wilmington are bent on building in their own honor. Look at the large number of CFCC buildings, with more on the way. While this can certainly be good for our town, the timing is strange considering the need for communty infrastructure and pending college tuition hikes. Saffo’s latest venture of a ballpark is simply astounding considering public need for infrastructure repair. It bothers me to picture the view of the river blocked, again, by poor city planning. The parking needs and traffic planning is dreadful now, just imagine how this will impact downtown.

  • Jason

    This makes me really sad to see leaders totally disregard the will of the people in favor of personal gain. When will politicans wake up and see the sun is setting on this type of leadership. Those days are coming to an end. Mayor Saffo I would have to ask what is the rush to bring a baseball stadium to Wilmington? Why would you want to lay an even heavier tax burden on the people in the city? Things are high enough and costing more everyday. There is a severe lack of decent paying jobs in this area. Instead of building a baseball stadium, you should look into bringing jobs to this area. I wouldn’t consider manning a concession stand at a baseball stadium on a seasonal basis something someone could support a family off of. Just my opinion.

  • Guest CommonTater

    The hell with what the people want right city council? Right saffo? The idiots keeps voting these morons in and this is what we get…..

    ** I don’t expect the Gestapo at WWAY to have to nads to post this**

  • I. Ben Ribdoff

    Perhaps the 1% who will benefit financially from this ploy, rather than the 99%, who will be stuck with the bills and none of the profits, should pay for this “study”. Let’s see the team’s owners and the real estate developers come up with the money.

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