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WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — Wilmington, NC: Conservative Republican Author, Businessman and Marine War Veteran, Ilario Pantano who won the 7th Congressional district GOP nomination in 2010 issued the following statement today:

“On Friday my family and I were attacked once again in a seemingly “anonymous” email campaign. This is not the first time we have been subjected to attacks in the course of seeking to represent the citizens of North Carolina’s 7th district. The email string parrots attack lines that were used on an “anonymous” attack website, http://nopantano2012.blogspot.com/,earlier this year.

As Mr. Crow and Mr. Rouzer are both now officially filed candidates, and Mr. McIntyre is expected to file shortly, those three are the only beneficiaries of the derogatory and hateful slander that has been hurled against my family. I am asking all three candidates to call on their supporters to respect the sanctity of families and stop these attacks.

Naturally, the policy, ideology, and the professional experience of the candidates in this race are open for discussion as the voters evaluate their choices in the upcoming elections, and I am prepared for spirited debates along these lines. However, parents, spouses, and children aren’t, and neither are blatantly false and malicious personal attacks on a candidate’s character or faith.

This statement serves as the sole warning and reminder: As the only candidate with a wife and small children in this race, I consider my family strictly off limits.

I call on Congressman Mike McIntyre to stop any political messaging that even mentions my wife or my mother. I have shown the McIntyre family that level of respect and I deserve the same.

Congressman Mike McIntyre’s staff member, Tony McEwen is a Vice Chairman of the NC Democratic party which operates and funds the blog site (www.thefactsaboutpantano.wordpress.com) slandering me, my mother Merry, and my wife Jill. It is regrettable that a member of Congress in concert with the NC Democratic Party would find that type of personal attack necessary.

I am also calling on my GOP opponents to respect the sanctity of families and disavow these attacks as well. It is unlikely that Mr. Rouzer or Mr. Crow are behind the seemingly anonymous attacks that have circulated in the past, but the fact remains that they are now beneficiaries of them since they are filed candidates and they both have histories of questionable personal attacks in GOP primary campaigns.

On May 1st 2008, Mr. David Rouzer and his campaign strategist Bob Rosser were served a civil summons by Rouzer’s NC State Senate primary opponent according to court documents filed in Wake County Superior Court (http://projects.newsobserver.com/under_the_dome/state_senate_race_may_go_to_court#storylink=misearch).

On the 19th of May, 2008 Ms. Nena Reeves, Rouzer’s primary opponent, filed a formal complaint seeking damages of at least $10,000 and alleging the following:

“6. Plaintiff Nena Reeves and Defendant David Rouzer, in April 2008, were opposing candidates for nomination as the Republican candidate for election to the NC State Senate for Senate District 12.
7. In late April, 2008, to win the primary election, the Defendants (Rouzer & Rosser) conspired to issue written statements to thousands of people making accusations about the plaintiff that are false and defamatory…
23. The false words and statements knowingly published by Defendants have defamed and libeled the plaintiff in her profession, standing in the community and means of livelihood…
27. The actions of Defendants as hereinbefore alleged were done in the course of and scope of commercial activity in the State of North Carolina. Defendants’ actions were made in bad faith, were unethical, were unfair to Plaintiff, were deceptive to the public and were intended to harm Plaintiff in her personal and professional activities…”

Mr. Randy Crow has operated a blog site, www.randycrow.com, which has devoted thousands of words to attacking my family and me, including blaming me personally for the attacks on 9/11. On May 18, 2010, after being defeated in the primary, Crow staged a press conference where he repeated his assertions that I was part of the government conspiracy that had planted “chips in his brain.”

I have never engaged in personal attacks against the families of any of my political opponents and never will. I hope that my opponents in this race will disavow their history of personal attacks, and for the remainder of this race will avoid attacking my family or the families of anyone else running in this race.”


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  • Jimmy

    I would vote against Pantano, but I’m afraid he’ll empty two clips into my back.

  • longcolt

    does it matter that he was a fellow marine officer?? it shouldn’t. a marine or soldier is no better, worse or valuable than anyone else who has a job. its odd that we accept that politicians use military service as a political platform. its irrational. our military is a major contributor to our governments ever expanding waistline.

  • Guestduh

    What a WHINER !!! Get a real job and you wouldn’t have this problem you trigger happy buffoon !

    BTW WWAY: What ever happened to the DOGS he stole??

  • Guest9743

    Seems a little strange/odd that Tom Goolsby, an attorney, a state senator and a former/fellow Marine Corps Officer won’t even endorse this guy??? Hmmmmmmm

  • Challengetheworld

    Forcing your religion on ME! Forcing your conservative paranoia on ME! This is why Pantano will not be elected. We are ALL not like you! We don’t want to be either! There is a reason behind it. We’re all not paranoid! We all don’t need to proclaim our relgious affiliation! Why? Because it doesn’t MATTER!

  • MikeT

    your commments about McIntyre are all wrong. I dont think he voted for any of the Presidents agenda. He voted against Health Care and twice against the rise in the debt ceiling. You ought to be patting ole Mike on the back. Please remember that it was not the Democrats that wanted the distric boundries altered. Pantano was fat a sassy with the deck stacked for him. The way things stand, Mike will fight bare kunckles this time. Hang on cause this one is going to be something.


    SLANDER PLEASE!!!!!! ITS ALL TRUE AND NONE OF THE candidates have anything to do with This information being put out there.Regular citizens who know Pantano and that are disgusted by his waste of money and his love of the spotlight! He is a liar PROVEN! No stockbroker for Goldman Sachs just a mail boy (like he claimed in his Not Bestselling book).Please Ilario took money from Special interest too! Oh he spent a million and half dollars trying to win a seat when the country was voting for Republicans and LOST.

  • Guest458796

    I was intrigued. As a very young man, he left New York to go fight in the Gulf War. It’s easy to forget now the fear that proceeded that war as it was America’s first real, full on shooting war since Vietnam. He came home, earned his degree and went to work on Wall Street. After 9/11, when his hometown was attacked, he gave all of the up to become an officer in Marines and return to the fight. Certainly, things got murky in Iraq but he wasn’t convicted so I can only trust the military justice system.

    What turned me off as a voter though was his campaign. There was a goon squad of loud mouth imbeciles who followed him to debates and appearances and made a fool of him. It’s not unfair to judge a person by the company they keep and I judged him by his association with these people. During the debates, the moderator had to ask these people to keep it down repeatedly. They attempted to shout down people who asked questions that were critical, but fair, of Pantano. During one debate, an elderly former mayor of Wilmington was describing his background as a preface to a question and these rejects began shouting at him. Pantano waited to ask them to control themselves until the moderator and even the crowd itself had clearly had enough. Prior to that, he didn’t seem to mind. Pantano himself, when McIntyre originally politely handed him the microphone as questioned were asked of each of them, he began this trend of slamming it down on the table instead of politely handing it back. To me, a small thing like that spoke volumes. If he wanted to show that much disrespect to a guy he’s debating who is some sort of monster, I’m right there with him. But to act that way to an otherwise cordial Congressman in what should be a civilized forum, was out of line. I voted against him because of the behavior of himself and his supporters during these events. I hope his next campaign is better controlled and managed. He’s clearly smart, brave and driven and I think he has a tremendous amount to offer.

  • Pa of 4

    It was in 2007, Rouzer lobbied for the AG JOBS AMNESTY Bill that liberal democrat Diane Fienstein from CA. sponsored and was supported by then senators Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer and Ted Kennedy. Lobbyist David Rouzer didn’t care this was supported by democrats, he lobbied for it to help his special interest group instead of doing what is best for the country. Barack Obama is going around the country now touting amnesty for illegals, so just tell me why Rouzer supports a democrat bill. It looks to me like Rouzer is more interested in the big bucks he received from his special interest group rather than good of country. The illegals broke the law and giving them amnesty would be disastrous to this country. If you care about the truth, it is easy to look up, that’s what I did.

  • Guest1971

    in fact lobbied for the very bill that liberals Fienstein, Obama, Hillary Clinton, Schumer and Kennedy supported

    Please elaborate as to which bill this was.

  • Pa of 4

    If this was my family, I would be furious. Is this the only way for these people to win an office, by slandering their opponent’s family by lies and name calling? It is clear, they are afraid or they wouldn’t stoop so low with family attacks. Pantano is the only real conservative in this race. People, our country is at risk here, and if you admit the truth instead of spewing more lies, it is easy to see that Pantano will stand up for this country. He could be a rich man financially, if that was what he is about, instead his run for office is not predicated on job or money but for his love for this country. Check out the facts, which are Rouzer is another career politician and lobbyist, he began his political career in DC in 1995, right out of college and then a lobbyist, in fact lobbied for the very bill that liberals Fienstein, Obama, Hillary Clinton, Schumer and Kennedy supported. Do you not have the commone sense to see what career politicians and lobbyists and their greed have done to help in the destruction of this country? Check out who are Rouzer’s campaign donors, they are special interest groups, pacs, fellow lobbyists, corporations and quite a few of these are from his friends in DC.It is a fact that big checks expect big money. Check out McIntyre’s connections, and also when have you heard him stand up against what Obama is doing to destroy this country. Our country is losing her soul, and instead of standing up for Pantano, a man that fought in 2 wars to protect you,a CHRISTIAN, an author, a free lance writer, small business owner, volunteered with the American Red Cross to help Katrina victims and the list goes on. Too bad, you don’t give a flip about this country, but would rather spew lies. You people make me sick.

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