Renovations done on Battleship masts


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Work is done fixing up part of the Battleship North Carolina.

As part of its continuous preservation, the Battleship got repairs on its forward and main masts. The 30-day, $110,000 project helped repair and strengthen the masts’ yardarms and struts leading up to the platforms. Handrails were replaced, and the structure holding the forward mast’s radar was rebuilt.

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Renovating the Battleship is a constant process. Renovations on the admiral’s cabin and ward room are next on the list.

“We need to keep her looking nice, so part of the elements of keeping the upkeep of the ship is doing things that people might think aren’t necessary, but it is for the safety of our guests and maintenance staff,” Battleship Promotions Director Heather Loftin said.

Crews are also working on the forward mast’s radar. They hope to have its motor fixed by this summer.