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SOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) — After the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan last year, Progress Energy is trying to make sure nothing like that ever happens here. But with incidents involving both reactors at the Brunswick Nuclear Plant recently, we wanted to know how Progress Energy is addressing its own issues.

“We are now, based on learnings from Fukushima, assessing whether our understanding of flooding, seismic events in today’s technology is accurate or needs to be changed,” Brunswick Nuclear Plant Vice President Michael Annacone said at a briefing w=Wednesday to discuss the ongoing response to the Fukushima disaster. “Every time there’s a challenge in our industry, no matter where it happens, we’re accountable to understand what happened, learn from it and to continue to enhance the safety of our plant.”

Progress Energy was clear on the actions it’s taking in response to the Fukushima disaster, but there are still issues at the plant that need to be addressed.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission determined an incident involving the plant’s unit two reactor last November happened because of unqualified workers.

“There was an assumption that these people are experienced,” Annacone said. “They’ve used the equipment before, but they weren’t officially and formally trained on it.”

Annacone says the employees were all re-trained.

Reactor one was shut down last week.

“This current issue is purely an equipment failure on an electrical panel in the plant,” Annacone said.

Annacone says the company is looking into what caused the electrical equipment failure that led to last week’s reactor shut down.


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