Gingrich presses ahead


    ATLANTA (AP) — After winning one state — Georgia — on Super Tuesday, Newt Gingrich says he’ll press ahead, and will “wait and see how the race goes.”

    Appearing this morning on Bob Bennett’s “Morning in America” radio program, Gingrich said he would have left the race if he had lost Georgia, his former home state.

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    He also said there’s no evidence that Rick Santorum could defeat Mitt Romney, even in a one-on-one competition. Gingrich says if he were convinced that Santorum was a “slam dunk to beat Romney and to beat Obama,” he would “really consider getting out.”

    Gingrich’s win in Georgia, which he represented for several terms in Congress, was his first victory since he captured the South Carolina primary in January.

    Gingrich is campaigning today and tomorrow in Alabama and Mississippi. Both hold their primaries next week.

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