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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A three-year-old is dead, and tonight we’re learning more about what happened. Last week, Jaronn McAllister II was pronounced dead at Brunswick Novant Medical Center. Search warrants obtained by WWAY paint a picture of chaos leading up to a police chase through Brunswick County.

According to a search warrant, a preliminary autopsy says McAllister was killed by internal bleeding of the liver due to blunt force trauma. But how did the three-year-old receive his injuries? The affidavit explains the situation that may have led up to the child’s death.

Candice Young told investigators that Montey Murray was babysitting her son, Jaronn, Febuary 29th while she was at work. The warrant says Murray and another man, Jessie Holt, were at Young’s apartment in Shallotte that night, watching the boy. Murray said he went to bed and Jaronn was fine, then woke up the next morning and found the boy laying on the living room floor, hot to the touch. Holt says Jaronn was up throughout the night but he never knew he was sick.

According to the warrant, after Murray tried to cool Jaronn down with a damp washcloth and a cool bath, he said he needed to borrow a car to take the child to the hospital. A neighbor drove them to Brunswick Novant. The warrant says during the drive, Murray said “if you pump his stomach he will be OK.”

Fifteen minutes after Jaronn arrived at the hospital, he was pronounced dead. That’s when Murray left, reportedly punching walls on his way out, and later led police on a chase.

A number of items were collected from the Shallotte apartment during the search. The most notable: two plastic bags full of white powder, two bottles of prescription drugs, a wash cloth covered in vomit, and five bags of marijuana, found in the little boy’s room, as well as multiple blood samples collected around the apartment.

An official autopsy and toxicology report could take up to eight weeks to get back from the state. Jaronn’s funeral is scheduled for Thursday at 2 p.m. at New Hope Free Will Baptist Church in Leland.

Murray is still in jail under $1 million secured bond.


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  • Sabrina Eckels

    You may know him, but you must have common sense also. A child is DEAD! regardless of how long you have known him, there was only TWO people in that house.. TWO!!! & common sense tells you that for a child to have over 40 bruises on his body from head to toe & be of his age & size, there is no way he didnt scream his head off.. & unless they live in a mansion, how is it possible that all of that went on without either men hearing what was happening.. Even if Montey wasnt the one who laid his hands on this child, is it honestly reasonable to say that he didnt hear anything! His story of just sleeping through everything doesnt make sense… Those who support him are just ridiculous, because regardless of what, this child suffered horrendously in the time before his death, And for Montey to say that he woke up and saw bruises on his stomach & then went back to sleep, makes no sense at all! NONE! The fact that he got out of bed, means that he wasn’t in a DEEP sleep, which common sense would tell you that there is no way he couldn’t have heard the abuse this little boy suffered.. Not to mention running away from the police, if he really had awakened to the little boy on the floor, he would have never fled the way he did.. A guilty dog will bark.. BOTH men should be charged with CAPITAL MURDER, because the same goes with the Jessie Holt, there is no way he slept through all the abuse this little boy suffered.. NO WAY!! I have a 4 year old, & I know the loudness of their voice, Someone heard him scream!! Right is right & wrong is wrong. This child is DEAD! I hope those responsible suffer the worst punishment, the law allows! not to mention the punishment they will suffer from GOD!!

  • chunt

    the mother does deserve and will get jail time. montey will get jail time. mothers can no longer just leave their children with just anybody anymore. when something bad happens to that child-it all go back to mama left him there alone with a dopehead.

  • James Marks

    This “mother” should be sent to prison along with her boyfriend. What kind of mother leaves her sick baby at home with known drug dealers? How can you people even live with yourselves after defending a person like this? Are you all that jaded and flippant about your duties as parents that you would have done the same?

    I am shocked and appalled that so many of you are more worried about protecting your friend than you are about this baby’s life. You seem to be more worried about the fact that they had to “pay” for the funeral than the fact that Jarron is gone.

  • A Friend

    I have known Montey for years now and I knew his kids. He would NEVER intentionally hurt ANY child like that. Whatever happened was 99.9999999% out of his control. Nobody will ever know what REALLY happened to the boy, but nobody needs to speculate and throw blame around. In the report it said he left the hospital “Punching walls on his way out” obviousely showing that he was severely sad/angry at the whole situation. The report also says he walked out, NOT RUN. He wasn’t trying to run away, he was simply leaving thinking he did all he could do at the moment seeing as he just handed the child over at the hospital. MONTEY MURRAY is a good man and doesn’t deserve all this negative criticism. If you don’t know him personally, don’t talk dirty about him. I would bet my life that he is not to blame for the death of this child.


    PS.– Just because he has past charges doesn’t mean anything. HE DID HIS TIME FOR THAT! YEARS AND YEARS! That’s in the past, so forget it. He’s truly and honestly a great, loving, and kind man.

  • crazy

    Why don’t you or the mother rot in jail. If Montey or the other guy that was with him did it they would’ve been charged with it dummy. Everybody and CANDICE know damn well he didn’t do anything to lil man. Why didn’t she take him to whoever keeps him when she goes to work any other time? Has she ever left him to babysit him any other time??? No….so be real before u come out your mouth stupid. She should’ve stayed home with him…she could’ve done something to him before they got there and didn’t realize it would turn out like this. Grow up…that boy looked up to him as a father and she knows that also….

  • Das Weibstück

    So many of the Mothers illiterate friends/family on here defending her, why weren’t any of you watching the baby instead of the drug dealers? Yeah Ok then.

  • Guest12

    keep yo mouth shut about her like foreal minfd yall buisness this has nothing to do with yall.

  • Guest123

    yall need to shut up about candce because she didnt know this would happen to her child r.i.p jaroon love you alwyas cuzin and montey go rot in jail where u belong

  • t

    To all those who had something negative to say about this death let me clear this up. This is my family that you all are talking about and i dont appreciate all the negative comments you said about Candace. Keep the comments and etc to yourself. She dont deserve time and etc all the other nonesense people said You all dont know anything about here nor what happened so yal can keep your mouth shut and mind yall business. I JUST WISH ALL YALL CAN MIND YALL OWN AND LET MY FAMILY HANDLE THIS. DONT BASH MY FAMILY LIKE THIS BECAUSE YALL ARE OUTSIDERS LOOKING IN. THANKS!

  • Grand Ole Party

    You tell us to get our facts straight, well they are pretty simple facts. I will help you out with them.
    FACT the sorry mother left her sick three year old son with a druggie and his thug druggie friend.
    FACT the three year old was killed by blunt force trauma.
    FACT the thug boyfriend dumped the kid at the hospital and then ran from the law.
    FACT the sorry mother was an adult and KNEW who she was dating and KNEW what he was all about.
    By the way genius, when you call people stupid, morons, and dumbasses you are judging them also. If it’s okay for you to judge, it is okay for us to judge. So please stick another crack pipe in those lips and keep them closed.

  • guest8384

    This lady should be held accountable for her actions!!!! there were drugs found in the home! her home!!!!! her child was sick! who leaves there kid home sick and goes to work without trying to do something!!! and she left her kids with a obviously drug dealers~! come on people! I know a couple people that know her are trying to take up for her! yes I understand she wasnt there and doesnt know what happened, but she is the mother! she is at fault 100%~! she deserves JAIL TIME!

  • She is so smart that is why she ran around with drug dealers and criminals! She changed since high school! She will pay for her part in it….

  • Vicky


  • Guest0506

    Everyone that has something negative to say about the Mother needs to shut their mouth… She was working dumbasses.. she wasn’t there. Yall don’t know her so don’t judge. Yall sound like Morans who have nothing better in life but to sit on yall’s asses and start negative forums about something/people you have no idea about. I went to school with her and she was honor roll student and a fantastic mother. She works at the hospital…what does that mean smart assess?? They do/require drug screenings….hellloooo…if she was apart of the drugs would she have a job…No. Jerron was a happy kid, very evident. Get your facts straight before running those worthless chops. Also remember, We all have to face the man upstairs one day, and he does not like people who judge others.

    No mother or father ever plans on planning a funeral especially a handsome/happy 3 year old. It would be worth it to think before you post negative about someone you have no clue about. Nobody in the media or sheriffs department has not mentioned anything about her being involved.

    You negative posters better hope you don’t have kids or grandkids bc karma sucks. You have no heart if all you can most is negative post. That’s by far what the parents or family would want to read.

  • Tia I am

    omgosh. I cant beleive what u ppl r saying. The mother wasnt home but so what. U guys have no rigjt too judge anybody. Im sure yes every one is intitled to their own opinion but if you dont know the whole situation just dont say nothing. What of it was one of your friends or family? Everyone is bashing the mother and the perp but how bout try being their for the mother like you would want someone to be there for you in your time of need. Im just saying

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