Wilmington businessman hoping for national exposure through Walmart contest


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Wilmington businessman hopes his product will soon hit the shelves nationwide. Walmart is sponsoring a contest that gives entrepreneurs a chance to launch their product in the mega-chain’s stores.

For Jason Walter, getting his creation Hangover Gone Deterrent and Detox Shot into a store like Walmart is something he can’t do afford to do on his own.

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“The product sells,” Walter said. “It performs great. It sells really well. It’s just getting the financial backing that you really need to get into the national chains.”

But now, money isn’t a concern. Walmart has launched a “Get on the Shelf” contest. Walter heard about it from friends and quickly entered a video of his product, which is now featured on the “Get on the Shelf” website.

“It’s a big deal, and there’s a lot to go with that, and they say they’ll help with logistics and even financing, so it is a great opportunity,” Walter said.

Right now, Hangover Gone is sold locally in some convenience stores, and even in a few small stores across the nation. It’s been available since late 2010.

Hangover Gone was created by chance. Jason was actually trying to come up with a detox drink.

“In all the research, I found the toxin that alcohol leaves in your body and some of the components that build up your body’s ability to break down that toxin and I thought, that’s a huge market share,” Walter said.

So, he manufactured it and even found some distributors to carry it. Now he hopes people will support a local product by giving it national exposure.

Here’s a fun fact: Walter got his product into the celebrity gift bags at the Daytime Emmy Awards. After that, one soap opera couple contacted him and requested some Hangover Gone for their wedding favors.

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