Surf City building memories one brick at a time


SURF CITY, NC (WWAY) — You can soon share your treasured memories of Surf City for everyone to see. The town is selling commemorative brick pavers.

You can chose what you want engraved on them, whether it’s something sentimental about the town, or personal, such as your wedding date, the birth of a child or a memorial to a loved one.

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The bricks will be placed in the beds in front of the town’s Welcome Center. There’s room for about 1,800.

The sale started yesterday.

“We think it’s going to do very well,” Surf City Tourism Development Director Allan Libby said. “It’s gained some traction initially, and we’re very excited about it. It’s obviously not our idea, but we’ve chased around, and we think there may be two others in the entire cape fear region that have done this, so we’ll be unique up here, and we’re really kind of pumped over it.”

Until march 31, the bricks will be $50 a piece.

The town hopes to have 100 bricks ready to lay in the ground by Memorial Day.