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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Tensions are rising nationwide because of the case of an unarmed black teenager shot to death by a neighborhood watch captain in Florida. Marches have been held throughout the country, and Wilmington is no different. Dozens of protesters gathered Thursday, marching from City Hall to Riverfront Park.

Though it wasn’t quite a “Million Hoodie March,”organized in cities like New York and L.A., those who marched in downtown Wilmington still made their voices heard.

“I think we need to stop this thing from going on,” said Jerome Whitley, a protester in the march. “We need justice.”

“I mean, he had skittles and tea in his pockets,” said Jeremy Mage, also at the rally. “He was just walking the streets.”

It’s been more than a month since Trayvon Martin’s tragic death, and new details from the investigation continue to surface. The teen’s alleged shooter, George Zimmerman, claims self defense but police surveillance video shows Zimmerman with no apparent injuries or signs of blood.

“We are at a crossroads in America, where we either decide we want law and order or we have vigilante justice,” said Ron Sheckelford, who spoke at the rally. “We cannot have vigilante justice in a country of laws.”

The reaction to Trayvon’s story has been anything but silent. His death has become a catalyst for social activism, calling for justice and peace for all races.

”We need something to happen to show us our children are safe, no matter what color they are,” said Roxanne Kirtright, who helped organize the rally.

Another rally is scheduled for this Saturday at 8th and Red Cross Streets in Wilmington.
Protesters plan to wear black hoodies that say “I am Trayvon” in memory of the teen. The rally starts at 5 p.m.


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  • Unbiased

    If Zimmerman had not been assaulted he would have been convicted. Martin had only one injury caused by Zimmerman defending himself. This is a fact proven in a FL court.

  • Maggie

    There were no protests for Eve Carson because the thugs were caught and bought to justice.

    The Trayvon Martin’s case is about justice. Not race.

  • Guest45

    How was Trayvon a thug?

  • Grand Ole Party

    You sir are correct….Just like O.J Simpson got when he killed two white people. Oh wait…he didn’t do it. However do you remember all the rioting the white people did after he was cut loose? Oh wait, nobody did that either. Wrong example I guess.

  • tweety

    wasn’t going to comment but couldn’t let it go.A young man lost his life a mother lost her child.this has nothing to do with the government,it has a lot do with the fact that the case wasnot handled correctly from the very beginning.Has nothing to do with wearing a hoodie you probanly have 2or3 in your home.I do does this make a thug(by the way what makes you a thug or is it something that you and your friends throw around)My neighbor wear them all time but he doesn’t look like me does that make him a thug (just saying)Hope thatyou never have to feel the pain of losing a child and you can,t get theanswer to why it happen.when you get a chance look up the words racist and racism.

  • nchilltopper

    I suggest you learn how to spell before making such an asinine statement. Your chosen word applies to this situation in such a way that folks like you will likely never understand.

  • Guestsnc

    …you help me understand why these posts are mostly nasty and negative, and why the folks who write them are mainly just talkin’ to themselves. WWAY staff must be tired of reading them … they can probably predict which stories will bring out the “usual suspects” on their message boards!

  • Guest12

    If the victim was white, Zimmerman would have got the death penalty, or at least 25 to life.

  • Guest12

    The ignorance on here is amazing!The fact of the matter is that Zimmerman shot an unarmed kid and was not charged with anything. But it’s ok because he was black and the N got what he deserved right? Typical racist 19th century Wilmington mindset. Sherman should have burned this town like he did Atlanta. Then maybe this Wilm would’ve contributed something useful to this planet, instead of hordes of evil inbred racist trash.

  • Guest12

    The deference is that the Mo police are looking for the attackers and are looking to charge them with a hate crime. It is fact that Zimmerman killed Martin, so why is he not being charged with anything? Learn how to read before posting ignorant filth.

  • dittos

    Excellent comment citizen!! HEAR HEAR! Could not have said it better! Dino Costa on Mad Dog Radio has been an excellent commentator about this subject.

  • deputy 25

    well GUEST 228, looks like u r hiding too!! whatever your name is???

  • Guest2012

    Why would you think that we HATE right-wingers? We LOVE right-wingers. And, we FAR out-weigh and out-smart you dummies who believe JUST ABOUT ANYTHING that you hear on the NEWS.

    At least WE are consistently right! We don’t fly by the seat of our pants, with our fingers to the wind to determine what day it is, or jump on ANY HATE-Mongering band wagon just to FOLLOW the Pied Piper.
    But since you are Challenging us,you may want to control yourself, because we will let you have it. Remember, it isn’t too late for you, you can work real hard, earn a lot of money, share in the AMERICAN dream and make it as a right-wing American someday.
    Then, and only then will you be able to make up your OWN mind and have the confidence to elaborate about some of your OWN values, mores and beliefs. At that time, you will shout “OBAMA’S POLICIES SUCK” from the rooftops! And, You have Ms. GOP and Guest 2012 permission to leave your Cap key stuck on when you come to your senses and are able to articulate anything other than nonsense about SMART Americans.

  • Anonymous

    Remember Eve Carson? UNC student body president who was murdered in cold blood a few years ago. Let me refresh everyone’s memory: Two young men shot a promising young girl multiple times including a shotgun blast to the back of her head. I don’t recall any protests or marches then. No bounties, no violence, just an innocent college girl murdered for no good reason. How about everyone take a step back and take a deep breath. This is a sad and violent world at times, that doesn’t mean the system is failed or riots and bounties should take place.. Ps- search the web for the killer’s photo as he took Eve’s card to the ATM machine in her SUV. Their names are Lawrence Lovett Jr and Demario Atwater. Wish someone had called the police that night about a suspicious guy in a hoodie. Just saying…

  • Guest757

    become a member of the NRA….

  • Guest228

    I find it funny that all of these comments made are complaining about people protesting instead of being at work BUT yet, the usual suspects that are doing the complaining are ALWAYS on WWAY blogging and hiding. I just want to inform you guys that instead of people rallying and applauding your posts, you are only get pity because of your ignorance.

  • Grand Ole Party

    You left-wing morons provide us with plenty to hate. By the way your cap lock is on the left side of the key board.

  • Lorax

    You know what’s particularly disturbing about this? I saw a sign at the rally that said, “It ought to be illegal to kill a child” and I immediately thought of 8 year-old Jamiah Batts who died on her school bus February 29th. I believe that Jamiah was killed by policy and by neglect. She was disabled, about as physically disabled as one can be. Confined to a wheelchair and dependent on others to take care of her and they failed her. Unfortunately there is no lone gunman to pin her death on and to herd a lynch mob around. Just governmental negligence and betrayal. Where is her rally? Where are the cries for justice? It is illegal to kill a child, unless you are a government agency. If you are a government agency you just secretly settle in court and pay off the judgment with taxpayer money, no one is held accountable and made to stand trial in criminal court, no one will have their picture in the news, no one will even suffer the public shame that may one day cause another to rethink policy and prevent the likelihood of another child’s death.

  • AngryPatriot

    Came here to complain and air my views. Glad to see everyone else has done so for me! He got what he deserved!

  • Guestgrr

    If he was white, there would be no protest, his name would be forgotten and the NAACP (n**ros against all Caucasian people) would not be involved.
    The very actions of protesters are racist in nature…
    Did you see the shirt that said to “kill the p*s** a** cracker” I mean really? Dude is Hispanic.. How’s he a cracker, or crackah or whatever…
    Sharpton and Jackson are the biggest racists in our society and are standing beside the black panthers, an uneducated wanna-be mafia crime syndicate who has turned into the biggest racist group calling for riots and the killing of whites…. (again.. dude was Hispanic) That’s not racist? This whole thing reeks with racism and hatred of blacks towards whites….
    That’s why there weren’t many people at your little black pantha’ party yesterday in Wilmington….
    While Wilmington has had its share of racism, riots and hatred that was many years ago and the majority of all people of all color in this city respect one another and do not share the racist views of those in Florida.

    FOr the record, I am a proud man of color…

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama and the national media wouldn’t give a rat’s hiney, and the unfortunate yet inconsequential local story would have stayed local?

  • Retired Firefighter

    I want to know why all the people, who are protesting and marching for someone they did not know, are not at work? I mean, come on. Where were all you knuckleheads when Laura Faulkner was killed?

    Seems to me, the only justice is street justice. And from what they are turning up on Trayvon, it does not sound like he was a model citizen or an innocent kid with skittles and tea in his pockets.

    My grandfather once told me that if you run with dogs, you get fleas. Wise beyond his years.

    Black hoodies huh? I know the weather is supposed to be nice this weekend so, they can’t possibly be wearing them because they are cold. Must be symbolic for something else. I bet ya’ll were the kind of people that wore “Never Forget” t shirts after the fact and displayed American flags after 9/11 instead of bearing them proudly before.

    Reverse racism at its best. I guess Obama’s theory of “yes we can” is only applicable when its beneficial.

    What a bunch of hypocritical crap. Journalist and news should be state regulated, so news can actually be reported instead of sensationalized garbage.

  • anne

    Where are the demonstrations for the 13 year old WHITE boy in Missouri that was accosted by 2 young BLACK men, doused with gasoline and set on fire? Where is the justice for him?

  • Guest51

    It certainly would not have made the national news, or it would have been on the scroll on the bottom. The case is way above ” blown out of proportion”. The media is doing nothing but fueling this storm, the guard has already been tried and convicted. Racism today is geared towards whites, not the other way. People need to wait until all the facts are published before they jump on the race card, media outlets included.

  • phillyguy

    Glad I moved out into the woods. If a riot breaks out I’m getting too old and slow to run from flying rocks and bottles.lol!

  • GuestMan


  • Citizen of the Republic

    ”We need something to happen to show us our children are safe, no matter what color they are,” said Roxanne Kirtright, who helped organize the rally.”

    Well, here it is. Teach your children, all children, that living the “thug lifestyle” has no future.

    By all eyewitness accounts, Mr. Zimmerman followed the law. He was attacked by a man that had already bought into the stupid “ghetto code” of “what you looking at” and “you got a problem”. The big mistake was his, in believing that the intended victim was vulnerable. That was a big miscalculation on Trayvon’s part.

    His 2 twitter accounts show he was a thug in training. His NO_LIMIT_NI@@ER handle proves it. If the “N” word is so horrible, why was it ok for him to use it.

    His graffiti, truancy, burglar tools, assaulting a bus driver, stolen jewelery were all milestones in his quest to be exactly what got him killed.

    This is not about justice. It’s the Duke lacrosse case all over again.
    Where were all these protesters when Crystal Mangum was found out to be a liar? Did they march and demand “justice” for the defendants that were framed by the DA to sooth black feelings, and further his reelection?

    “It’s been more than a month since Trayvon Martin’s tragic death, and new details from the investigation continue to surface.” Your absolutely right. New details about Trayvon and the kind of man he was.

    It wasn’t tragic, it was predictable. Sooner or later, he was going to acost a citizen or fellow “hoodie”, that was armed.

    All this could have been avioded if he had continued to WALK AWAY.

    But that doesn’t get you street cred!

  • WilmingtonObserver

    One sign at the Wilmington rally asked, “What if he had been white?” Good question. What is your answer?

  • Das Weibstück

    Wrong, I haven’t commented. Miss me?

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