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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Like it or not, Monkey Junction is now in the Wilmington city limits. That means those residents will soon start receiving city services, such as police protection and solid waste removal.

“Honestly, I think it is a ploy for the city to go ahead and strong arm their way into Monkey Junction and get these residents to fork over more of their money,” resident Tasha Johnson said.

Wilmington City Councilman Charlie Rivenbark says the city is simply following the letter of the law. Last week, a Wake County judge ruled that a state law giving property owners a chance to petition to overturn involuntary annexation is unconstitutional.

“From that day forward, the Monkey Junction annexation area took effect,” Rivenbark said. “So according to the General Statutes, and we have a lot of experience in this, we have to provide the core services beginning the next day.”

Monkey Junction residents are not pleased.

“I think they’re trying to butter up the residents to make them want the annexation, but we’re not getting that practice tax bill,” Monkey Junction resident Sharon Bernal said. “I just think they’re trying to make the residents want it.”

Meanwhile, an attorney for some Monkey Junction property owners is working with the Attorney General’s office to appeal the ruling. During this appeal process, Monkey Junction will remain part of the city.

The city has to file paperwork with the Register of Deeds office and the Secretary of State. That will kick into place a timeline for services to begin.


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  • Wilmington does not have us yet..we are still in the county!

  • Guest357sig

    Before manning the ramparts, call your state senator. The state legislature is your friend on this matter. They can draw the city limits and there is nothing Godfather Saffo et al can do about it. Call Goolsby and let him know how disgusted you are.

  • Just because it is ruled that it can be so, does not make it right. I feel forthe residents in the Monkey Junction area. Must feel like they are being bulldozed. I guess there is no conscience when money is concerned. How very sad.

  • taxtaxtaxspendspendspend

    The same crowd (inner circle) that rammed a convention center down your throat and now want you to eat a baseball stadium sandwich need that tax money, and you can bet your bottom dollar you property taxes are going up. After you fill you gas tanks with heavily taxed gasoline, I’m sure you’ll be on your way downtown to enjoy a convention and wish you had a baseball stadium to spend the rest of your money on. Remember the beloved mayor lives in a gated community and caters mostly to “out-of-towners” to buy property from him. When they run out of your money, they just reach in and grab what they want. Taxation without representation ring a bell?

  • Guest357sig

    You new found Wilmington subjects can now sign the Josh Fulton anti taxpayer funded stadium petition.

  • Wilmington Observer

    Can the new citizens of Wilmington bill the city for services (Trash Pick Up) that they have been paying (out of pocket)for since the effective date of annexation ?

    Wilmington Observer

  • Ally

    Fine, put my property in city limits, but I want all that comes with it..including sidewalks in my neighborhood, so I can safely walk my baby around…what is the proposed date for that?

  • Diva

    Someone has to pay for the ball park….guess who it will be! we will get whether we want it or not!!!

  • Brad Floyd

    Well I hope the people that just got forced city control of their property remember to vote these same people back in next election. Which seems to be the case of others that have had the same treatment because they keep getting reelected some how even though the mayor and his communistic city council dose every thing the majority of voters dont want but yet they get relected so why should they care. Please next elections vote all these clowns out ty.

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