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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A final resting place, or so they thought. Friends and family of loved ones buried at Calvary Memorial Cemetery in Wilmington say they’re not only discouraged with the conditions of the ground but at this point, they don’t even know where their loved ones are buried.

“It’s alarming to me to see a cemetery being kept that way because that’s not what I know of North Carolina of how they respect their dead,” said Terrina Henderson-Brooks.

Henderson-Brooks says Calvary is where most of her family is buried. She says when she went to visit her family’s graves, because of the piles of dirt spread everywhere, she could not find them.

“My uncle who has a whole 5 piece slab over his coffin, it’s totally covered up,” said Henderson-Brooks.

Jack Krupicka owns the cemetery. He did not want to talk on camera but he told us he is trying to build up the plot so that it does not flood. On top of the pile of dirt, headstones of veterans who are buried in the cemetery are scattered across the grounds, some still in their boxes. Krupicka says he is working on getting all the tombstones places in their proper position as soon as possible.

Henderson-Brooks says she does not care what the reasoning is, she thinks it’s disrespectful to those who have passed.

“I’ve never known North Carolina or anyone to be that grossly negligent to the dead,” said Henderson-Brooks.

Krupicka says he plans to have all the adjustments completed by tomorrow so that the grave sites will be suitable for families to visit on Easter. He says he always tries to work with requests from families.


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