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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — The five Leland police officers suspended Friday will receive pay during their suspension.

Interim Chief of Police Mike James says after he spoke with the suspended officers Deputy Chief Karl Smith, Lt. Bill Kozak, Lt. Rick Dellapia, Officer Michael Landen and Officer John Blasingame he reinstated pay for the days off and any pay the officers would have earned since Friday.

James says he hopes to have the matter completely resolved soon and asks that the community refrain from judgement until all the facts are released from the on-going SBI investigation.

For months, many Leland town leaders said they believe the issues they were hearing about the police department were just rumors, and they are sticking to their story until the sbi investigation comes back.

Mayor Brenda Bozeman said she could not talk about the situation because it involved personnel.

Councilwoman Martha Currie says she believes those conducting the investigation have uncovered enough evidence to move forward with suspensions or the five officers would still be on duty. She says she thinks if the five officers were truly involved in wrongdoing then they deserve to lose their jobs. She says if you do the crime, you have to do the time.

Meanwhile, we’ve also learned that James asked the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office to help investigate his department as well. In a letter to Sheriff John Ingram April 4, James asked that two of Ingram’s Internal Affairs Division “perform an investigation of all personnel within the Leland Police Department.” The letter asked for Capt. Gene Caison and Sgt. Mark Francisco “to administer all interviews and any other investigative functions needed to perform a full and thorough investigation.”

Sheriff Ingram had offered the same service to then Chief Tim Jayne and the town last fall, but the town declined. Jayne was fired back in February.


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  • kblue2221984

    Sorry you got fired………You mad? Say’s who? Say’s Kblue!

  • you never know

    polly thank you for your assumption i dont know or have a clue or that i dont know first hand whats going or gone on…i didnt realize you were involved with it all too…perhaps you would run in fear if domeone was being hurt as i saw first hand one of the ” dirtu coppps” as you say aprehend a thief while off duty…again very sad your such a bitter and angry…yet outstanding and with no skeletons in your closet…. or do you??? time will tell

  • Polly II

    U are exactly right “YOU WILL NEVER KNOW” or get a clue. Do you actually think they are going to put their deeds in the Police Blotter? DUH! These indivduals would stand there and laugh if you were getting beaten and robbed. They are a source of good military drugs that they shared on an everyday basis with each other. So not only did they get drugs off of the streets of Leland they also put them back on the streets too. YOU need to wish the citizens of Leland good luck because they are going to need it more now than ever.
    These guys are NOT normal Law Enforcement Officers! They are the best thing to Law Enforcement before time began. (So they will tell you). It’s not that we are judgemental but we tell the truth unlike the past administration of the Leland Police department. There are still more bad ones to go! Those of us on the inside know the real thruth and are willing to tell it to all of the authorities that we can. The Leland Five trusted the wrong people! HAH!!!!!
    If you are not from here than you have no right to pass judgement on this situation. Those of us that are here and now have seen all of them do their dirty, filthy, nasty and deviant things and we are sick of it! Drugs, pornogaphy, prostitution, stealing, assaults, breaking and enterings are just a few of the things that they specialize in. They are no different than the street crook. They are different only because they wear a badge and a gun. DIRTY COPS!!!!!!!

  • glass house

    hey kblue if you want then you should email me directly have some backbone no one else stands up for ppl. Two sides to every story but since you have such great riddles im sure you have a magical poem to share now…its funny the town manager is recanting their first decision…dont be so quick to jump to conclusions your an intellectual and intelligent person ive seen the masterpieces youve wrote you too seem to have this all figured out. i wonder what role you played in it

  • kblue2221984

    Dear “glass house” and “you never know”…..Its truly a sad day when you make a double post about yourself and use the same e-amil address……. It’s cute that your the only one talking positive about yourself though. Next time? Mix it up a bit! Yah!! Maybe um use capital letters in one post then use all lower case in another? Say’s who? Say’s the always right Kblue!

  • Guest28470

    I have lived alot of places in my life and have never seen the problems with law enforcement officials, that this state has. It is unbelievable

  • Truth Teller

    Deals have been made, roaches have ratted on other officers. All you have to do is look at who is left and who is keeping quiet. In comes the SBI and FBI. Bye bye goes the corruption in the town of Leland!

  • TfjvjhGuest

    Good evening officer, Or should I say former officer. Have you started looking for a new job yet?

  • u never know

    sad to see how judgemental and ignorant some people are. or that they put all their trust in media. perhaps one day when you are bein robbed, mugged, beaten or worse and an officer saves your life can you look them in the eye and apologize to them for degrading and judging when it wasnt your place…so many stones thrown in a glass house. whatever the outcome whatever may happen….thank you to the law enforcement that protect and serve ive read many stories in the police blotter where every officer mentioned has took part in getting drugs off the streets and making leland a more safe place to live…best of luck to you all.

  • glasshouse

    looking from a distance all cast judgment on happenings in which you think you all know you sit there claiming “praise the lord” in which you probably are a spineless follower. you think that for one second any news source is credible in this entire country. yet the moment something is released you give your praises to someone not knowing if there is any accuracy at all. if when all the smoke clears the five are cleared. will you praise the Lord that they were just rumors or will you then say they must have “weaseled” their way back in. the truth either way sets all men free. far be it for me or anyone else to cast judgment. everyday in every industry there are wrong doings and there are those with integrity. i believe that if you were being raped mugged or beaten and one of these “5” observed it they would protect and defend you. yet still you cast stones…

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