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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office says no foul play is suspected in the death of a 28-year-old mother of two in Sunset Beach.

Megan Tysinger was a long time Brunswick County EMS worker. Tysinger leaves behind daughters aged seven and four. Relatives say the younger girl was playing in the yard at the time of her mother’s death.

Family says she had only moved to Sunset Beach about three weeks ago and that they are “completely blown away” by the death.

The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office initially responded to the scene on Sea Lane for a shooting.


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    Oh he did it. He is an EMT, DISASTER MEDICAL SPECIALIST and a FIREFIGHTER. He would know how to get rid of any evidence.

  • xxx

    Megan’s Ex never beat her up and is a very gentle, loving person. I know people need someone to blame to make themselves feel better, but this is crazy.

  • Thank you!

    Thank you! This comment just made my day. These comments the past few days are making me sick here and Facebook. It’s really ridiculous and immature.

  • PD

    I have said before that some will never accept the facts of a case even if there was a witness.
    Family is always going to want to blame someone sad as that is.
    They are thinking with emotion based on the facts as they see them.
    In my divorce everyone of my wife’s friends think I’m a creep.
    All of my friends think she is a creep.
    Why is that? They make a decision based on the 1/2 of the story that they hear.

  • formerpd

    I agree that it is a sensitive subject. I would need more evidence to make an educated opinion. However, statistically, a female shooting herself is very rare. And especially if there were TWO gunshot wounds, which is speculated. But, if the autopsy shows that, it will be hard to convince many that a person shot themself twice, regardless of gender.

  • question

    Exactly what do you consider a professional as (your definition)? Is it an agency that may have agents that work maybe 20-30 cases a year or detectives who work 90-100 cases a month? I personally have no degree in any field. I do have almost 20 years in the law enforcement and consider myself a professional and very educated. Mr. America I don’t know your job or may I say your profession but come walk a few steps in our shoes and have to explain to family’s that there loved one is gone and you do not have the answers. If you think this is easy then come try it and see what it is like!

  • SG

    Hard to keep emotion out of what should be just facts.
    From what I just read in the paper it says he was with the child and heard the shots. If she did too and her dad was right with here it should be a closed case

  • Guest128
  • JaneQPublic

    You dear sir are wrong. Someone who constantly berates the people that they are supposed to love, causing physical and mental harm to them, is a horrible person. Any man who will tell the mother of their children that she would be better off just to blow her head off several days before she dies, is a horrible person. Anyone who would beat the mother of their children in front of their children, is a horrible person. I have been present to hear the things that were said to her, so I’m not calling shots from the sideline or whatever it was you said. There’s a difference, I’ve seen the bruises, I’ve heard the abuse, I know what this person is capable of and what he did to her. Maybe you should take a good long look in the mirror and realize you have no idea what you are talking about.

  • JaneQPublic

    The neighbor called 911 after hearing shots fired after hearing a verbal altercation coming from the house. She was shot in the chest, her four year old in the front yard, she has not been dropping hints about suicide, the ex husband is very violent and has beat her up on many occasions, not too many enemies definitely none that want her dead, she was not a substance abuser but did have a history of depression due to her ex husband mentally and physically abusing her…that’s what I know, and the proper people have been told.

  • rho b

    I knew Meg as well, I myself am a single mom & know that the love she had for those girls could have gotten her through any hardships. Yes she had struggles, but don’t we all? I never will believe that she purposely took her own life, on the other hand I don’t know what really happened at her house on that day, therefore cannot say who is to blame, but I do know that one day they will pay the price. As for now I pray that those little girls know how much their mommy loved them & that will keep her in their heart forever.

    “Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, says the Lord”

  • Second Side

    I am sorry for your loss. I know Megan was a good person and that she was a wonderful mother to those two little girls. But that doesn’t give anyone the right to start throwing out accusations. The fact that you were close with Megan and as you stated, “you heard the things she told you he said” are perfect reasons for you to stop. You cannot think about this situation objectively. You do not know what exactly happened in that house that day, nor do you know anymore about their relationship than the rest of us simply because you only have one side of the story, the side your friend wanted you to have. Every story has two sides with two perspectives and two parties to blame. I’m not saying she was wrong or right or that he was wrong or right, but I am sure that both of them were at fault on some level for the things that happened and it isn’t fair that you feel a need to paint a picture of innocence when you were not in the situation. You were not present that day and you do not know what happened. It makes me ill, literally, to think that Megan would do this sort of thing especially when her baby was there, because I know how much she loved her babies. But I don’t think it’s right for everyone to lash out and make accusations until the investigation is complete. please stop posting all the hatred. The truth will come out no matter what it is. Have faith that everything will be brought to light in its own time, but for now stop accusing and judging the ex simply because you are hurting. Those two precious girls have just lost their mother, and now everyone seems hell bent on ruining their father without evidence. Put those girls needs first, they need stability and they need all of us, no matter what opinion we have to pull together for them and show love and support for them and the rest of the family so that they can get through this.

  • Second side

    First of all, I never said she took a turn to the darker side. What I said was I had seen some dark posts on FB. This was not meant to be twisted into a “OMG she was suicidal!” it was simply stating that she had posted some “dark” posts, she was in pain and she had some rough patches to get through. Second, I agree with you that her side of things needs to be put out there, however, I also think that when this post was made I was seeing a lot of finger pointing and accusations toward her ex, which in my opinion is unfair considering this incident is still being investigated. I don’t know what happened in that house that day and neither does anybody else who is posting on here. I don’t think that our law enforcement would purposely sweep a murder under the rug just because they know the parties involved. I know that forensic evidence will provide answers to all the questions and I know that many of the people posting here need to check themselves and allow the investigation to run its course. We have all seen the photos of the detectives searching in and around the house, but how does anybody know what exactly that we’re looking for? Who said the gun went missing? Who said this was intentional? All of these questions are speculation. I posted the above words in hopes that somehow it would open the eyes of all those willing to cast judgement and post hate messages.

  • Justin America

    screwing around like this in BC and you will have a group of educated professionals come in and help. They are called the Federal Marshall’s and will place the area in oversight like they did with the City of Wilmington Police dept. COW PD had the largest backlog of unsolved murders / violent crimes in the region. Plenty of traffic citations though.

  • In shock

    I am appalled at the number of people so willing to make such a serious accusation. As hard as it is to believe that she could have taken her own life, it is equally hard for me to believe that he could have taken it from her. There are sides to this relationship that no one has been privy too, as it is with most relationships. There are things that couples keep to themselves long after a relationship has run its course. The truth will come out, whatever it may be, it always does. But instead of making accusations that are unfounded at this stage of the investigation, why not focus on the fact that a family has lost someone dear to them, and needs prayers and support right now.

  • Guest0728

    This same young woman, who was not considered to be suicidal to some of you, has made suicide attempts over the years, beginning when she was 14. She was also in a suicide-watch facility just a few weeks ago. Please have respect for her family, as well as the family of her ex-husband. Children are involved, and to insinuate that their father murdered their mother is irresponsible. The local authorities are doing their jobs, so should be trusted. Megan was a good woman, but was incredibly troubled emotionally and lived with bipolar disorder. Stop. Think. Please DO NOT rush to judgement when other people’s lives and reputations are on the line.

  • Steve G

    Dont give a rats ass what happend at this time. All I care about is are her children being looked after. They are going to need more love now than ever. Every one please show support for these kids. They are going to need every one. And pray for this family more now then ever. They are needing it to. And stop assumeing stuff. Let the trueth come out. It will im sure.

  • Das Weibstück

    I did not know this woman or anyone involved but I hope all the people commenting on this article will also voice their opinions to the police department. If you knew her you should go talk to them asap and not just argue online about it. Sorry for your loss.

  • Guestguestguest

    To her family:
    stay on top of the Sheriff’s Department, we have had to do all of the Department’s work for them, related to the mysterious death of our family member. Do NOT allow them to brush your case under the rug without really dedicated some time and effort to their investigation.

  • not a judge

    Here we go the true professional idiots of the county gives there opinion . First off how do you guys know these facts, when investigations are done facts will come out. Don’t believe anything people say until facts come out. If you guys wanna do something constructive lets start a fund for these kids, I knew both Megan and Ex I will tell you guys nobody will ever know the whole truth or their relationship we all know what happens. i have been in a situation in this county and most likely its the same idiots running there mouths saying crap just to hear themselves talk .

  • Guest123456789876

    This is all CRAP! I AM a family member of megans and we have not once thought it was suicide! As far as we were concerned, the sheriffs office hadnt made a ruling yet, the autopsy results take three months to come back, wway needs to delete this whole article, its completely false.

  • tammy

    jessica you are so right girl…maybe just maybe he didn’t, but my oh my how she suffered at his hand! and those of us who were closer know that! he played crazy mind games and he made sure that anyone around him thought he was ‘it’… what dark posts anyway come on we all have bad days! she came back to beauty school in january and she was excited about it! my father committed suicide when i was 17 years old the day after my high school graduation…i believe with all my heart megan would never do this to her daughters! who ever did?

  • Heartbroken

    Megan was a strong and beautiful soul. She loved her girls more than life itself. She would have NEVER done this. Especially with her baby girl in the front yard! I will never believe that she took her own life. Period.

  • Jessica

    This is complete crap! Megan would NEVER leave her babies, they were her world. There are many empty holes to this case and it only seems the ones closest to her know that she didn’t do this. Her ex is part of the problem, he should be the number one suspect in all this. All you need to do is question family and neighbors to know who he truly was.

    A mother like Megan would never do this to her babies, and if she were to do this, she wouldn’t do it with them in her care. She was not an unstable woman! We have all seen the pictures of the police with metal detectors and looking in the crawl space, with the ex husband’s truck in the driveway. Why would the police search like that if the gun was right there? You can’t hide a gun after suicide.

    She did not care for her ex, she wanted nothing more with him in her life. She was moving forward, there would be no reason for him to be there, her girls were in her care and it was not his visitation then. It doesn’t make sense and the police need to do a better job!

  • SusanK6461

    I read the headline and thought what a tragedy: two babies left without their mother, and what could she have been thinking? Then I read these comments and think, what a travesty. What on earth are the authorities thinking? I pray that the whole truth comes out. RIP to this young mother who served the public, may God watch over these two innocents and may they be cared for by someone who is pure and guilt free.

  • Anissa

    Suicide? You have got to be kidding me. BE THOROUGH Sheriff’s Department!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIP beautiful Megan, and may God comfort your baby girls.

  • Guest4582690361

    These kids are going through enough with the loss of their mother…they don’t need to hear about their lives being aired on the news channels website. Right now all we can do is pray for the family of Megan and all of those graced by her presence…and pray for those 2 little girls. They both have a long road ahead of them but the last thing they need is their family life aired to the community. RIP Megan…you will be missed.

  • Charel43

    I have known Megan for many years. I know what a devoted Mother she was; I will never believe for a moment that she committed suicide. She would never leave her children vulnerable to the world. RIP My Dear Megan!

  • Guest30

    Megan would not have taken her own life. Those two little girls were her world! BCSO needs to investigate this more! Megan you are missed by so many! May you live forever in the hearts of those you have touched!

  • anonymous

    Megan wouldnt have done that to herself. Those who know her KNOW the kind of relationship she had with that particular man and I would HATE to think that he would do something like that to her but I also know that he hasnt hesitated to hurt her in the past. Megan is going to be greatly missed and even if she did take her own life (which i still have a hard time believing) i still believe it is the fault of the person who pushed her to the edge. Thats all I am saying.

  • Realist

    If this was suicide, she alone made that choice. Yes she may have been pushed to the edge, but she alone made the choices she made. She alone must face judgement for it.

  • Second side

    In a situation like this it is really easy to sit back and be a Monday morning quarterback. I think there are two sides to every story and I think that most of the people commenting here are upset and unable to see the bigger picture. I know both the ex-husband and Megan. I do not claim to be close to either of them but I can say I have had dealings with both. I can honestly say that I have seen, with my own eyes, some rather “dark” posts on Megan’s FB page within the last couple months. I can also say that those girls were her world and she loved them both very much, so the thought of suicide is hard to swallow, but not impossible to believe. I have spoken with the ex-husband on several occasions while they were together and split, and I never heard him utter a negative word about Megan even when everyone around him was saying nasty things. I never heard him say a negative word. That doesn’t mean he didn’t it just means that in public when I was present I never heard it. Yes there were reports of two shots fired, but can anybody besides the police and the investigators and the coroner say there were two GSW’s? Also, I have seen it posted that Megan was moving on, well so was he. And another thing to think about is the relationship he has with his first ex-wife. I don’t know the whole story between these two and chances are neither do the rest of you. But to sit here and accuse someone of murder just because you don’t want to believe she would do something like this is wrong. Nobody is perfect, everybody has their good and their bad personality traits. Megan was a mother of two beautiful girls and she will be missed greatly by those who knew and cared for her, do you think she would want all this hatred to be out there on the Internet for those girls to see when they are older? Let the investigation take its course and let the police do their job. If this was something other than suicide the truth will come out. Stop judging and hating, those girls need you to stop and just pray.

  • Looking For Answers

    I agree that it is easy to sit back and speculate, but I also think that when someone like Megan dies like this that a huge outpouring for truth is to be expected. Megan and I grew up together… I’ve known her since elementary school. Megan was one of the most inspirational, kind, and loving women that I have ever known. Megan had real faith in God, she was a dedicated mother, a cherished part of her family, a true friend, and a fighter… she wasn’t the kind of person who gives up. I personally find it a hard pill to swallow that she committed suicide with her four year old outside playing in the yard and knowing that her little brother’s birthday is today. I find all of this even more difficult to believe after hearing that her ex was at the home, that neighbors heard arguing before the shooting, that there were two shots fired, that police were conducting some serious searching of the home/yard for evidence (if it was a suicide… what were they looking for? the gun surely would’ve been within Megan’s reach), and that news reporters are having to fight for access to the 911 tapes. I know that Megan’s Facebook reflected the things that she was struggling with lately, but it also reflected the undying hope and faith that she exhibited every single day of her life. I think to say that she had taken a turn towards “darker” posts over the past few months is being a bit over the top. Further, Lyndzey and Katie are both in my prayers. I pray that they both know that their mother loved them deeply – no matter what occurred in this incident. I also pray that they can have full disclosure of the events that occurred yesterday, so that they may have closure in their future. I don’t think that anyone on this forum is hating. I think that they are joining together and asking for answers.

  • Second side

    In no way was my comment geared to disgrace Megan. I am simply pointing out the fact that this story has two sides. I am not saying either of them was a horrible person or that either of them was wrong or right. Don’t misconstrue my words and make it a podium to preach hate and discontent. As you yourself said you were close to Megan and you also said, ”the things she said he said.” that right there is biased thinking. Every story has two sides and since you were close to one side I’m sure you never had the chance to get the other side. Nobody is perfect and we as humans do horrible things to one another all the time, but it doesn’t make us horrible people. I understand you are hurting and it makes more sense to lash out and point fingers than to just hurt. But please don’t paint a picture of complete innocence when I’m sure, as with most relationships, both parties have their faults. Stop and think for one moment about those two beautiful girls and how the words you post may affect them. They are without their mother and their father is now custodian, it will only hurt them to see this hate and discontent thrown out there against the one person they have to find stability with. The road they will travel from here will be hard enough without all the negativity.K

  • shrew

    Just because someone doesn’t show that they are suicidal, doesn’t mean they aren’t. In fact, the people that do commit suicide do not ‘warn’ people about it, they just do it. Case in point: My cousin came home to find his wife hanging in their closet. She didn’t leave a note, she didn’t act suicidal and she didn’t say to anyone that she was planning to commit suicide. Don’t judge until you know all the facts. There is only one that can do that and He isn’t commenting on this article.

  • OIB Native

    amen,I know your speaking the truth about all of this.

  • scratching my head

    Do some of you know more than has been told? If so, take action. Call the BCSO. BTW, who called 911? How many times was she shot? Where was she shot? Was anyone else there at the time? Has she been dropping hints about suicide? Is the ex husband violent? Does she have enemies? Was she depressed or a substance abuser? Anything at all….

  • Guest45678765

    This article is a load of crap and nothing but lies I AM a part of her family and in no way do we think she committed suicide! Wway needs to get their facts straight!

  • Guest0123

    I could not have said it better myself! I grew up with Megan and she would not want these nasty posts for her girls to see years down the road. We all need to pull together and be there to support those beautiful girls and the families, not try to tear eachother apart, and most importantly, PRAY!

  • Yikes!
  • Jessica

    There wouldn’t be so many fingers pointed his direction if there wasn’t a reason for it. There are many things that have led many of us to believe what is being posted about him. One because we were close with her and know the inside things you have not heard. Two the details in the story are too coincidental and although it may not be him, to me he should be the number one suspect with the evidence we are given by photos and things seen and heard right before. I would bet a lot on it being true.

    I am friends with her and also have her on FB, she has in no way had a “dark” post. Has she had “bad day” posts, yeah, and I am sure we all have one or two of them in the past few months. You cannot base her stability on FB posts. Even if you wanted to go that route none of her posts even came close to suicidal thoughts or wanting to give up. If anything she was uplifting and positive given the circumstances he put her in. In fact they were inspiring and wanted to make yourself better because she was so positive to better her life without him. He was not good to her and was terrible with and without her. Let’s not pretend he is this stand up guy who doesn’t say negative things. I have read the things he has said, and what she has said he has said to her…were not so great.

    It is so unfortunate the family and friends have to mourn her and deal with all this too. I agree the girls need to stay out of discussed topics, but I will not sit her and accept wrong sayings of a great friend and mother.

  • On the outside looking in

    I totally agree with you and am in the same situation as you. All you said, is exactly what I’ve been wanting to say for two days now. These comments are making me sick. And I can’t help to share to the one that said this… it’s pretty ignorant to say women don’t shoot themselves. Wow.

    Please people stop making assumptions and placing blame. Just let the Brunswick Sheriff’s Department do their job without your assumptions.

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