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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Residents in one Leland neighborhood say they are falling victim to their homeowner’s association.

Those who live in Mallory Creek Plantation say empty lots near their townhomes are not only an eye-sore, but are becoming unsafe.

“When you contact the builder he knows nothing about it, when you contact the home owners association they say that they’ve been telling him all along. so someone is not telling the truth,” said resident Tom Modafferi.

People who live in Mallory Creek townhomes say they constantly get notices from their homeowners association, CAMS.

Those notices come anytime they haven’t mowed their lawn, pulled their weeds or removed their trash cans.

Residents must comply with those rules, but some feel CAMS is not treating everyone fairly.

“Of course the grass back here is so tall that there’s snakes in there, we see snakes all the time,” said Cory Nedley.

The undeveloped lot at the end of Jansen Lane is overgrown and is clearly not in compliance with most rules under CAMS.

That causes many neighbors to question the eyesore.

“CAMS and the developer might be in bed together to say the least. He doesn’t want to spend the money to clean it up and they don’t want to push it, there’s a reason for it,” Modafferi believes. “If they were a proper management company they would get it taken care of for the residents.”

Residents say they want their homeowners association to look out for their safety and the value of their homes.
More than anything they say they need consistency.

“One person will get a letter for their yard and then the other person’s yard looks terrible and they do nothing about that,” said Nedley.

CAMS and the developer, TFT and Company, called us back late today.

Both claim if the developer gets rid of all the growth, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources can fine them.

DENR doesn’t know the specifics about this case, but said generally a developer is required to only have 2 to 3 inches of ground cover to prevent erosion.

This growth is much taller than that.


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