Building constructed using landfill trash


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Reduce, reuse, recycle. Now you can add repurpose to the list.

One building at Tidal Creek Co-op is being built with mostly second hand materials, materials that otherwise would have ended up at a landfill. The repurposed materials come from a section of the landfill where builders dump everything from used lumber to broken bits of drywall.

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“The doors came from a lumber yard that had been sitting around they were kind of forgotten about, we got those inexpensively and then it was discarded storefront glass that we’re using for the windows on the side and in the front,” said Christopher Yermal, with Old School Rebuilders.

The bulding was budgeted at $10,000. Yermal says its actually cost them about $400 so far. When it’s finished, the building will house biodiesel.