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On 4/23/2012 at approximately 11:00 hrs. , The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office responded to 9063 Sea LN SW. Sunset Beach in reference to a shooting.

Brandon Tysinger and a small child were outside at the neighbors’ residence awaiting Law Enforcements arrival. Megan Tysinger a 28 year old female was located inside her bedroom with what appeared to be a single gunshot wound to the chest.

A small caliber handgun was located on scene inside the bedroom at a close proximity to Ms. Tysinger. Brandon Tysinger, neighbors and friends have been interviewed. The preliminary autopsy conducted on 4/25/2012 revealed that the single gunshot wound to the chest is consistent with a 9MM caliber, which appears to be the cause of death.

The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office is still conducting the investigation and additional evidence will be analyzed by the SBI Lab.

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Brunswick County detectives are still investigating the death of Megan Tysinger, but the autopsy has confirmed that a single shot resulted in her death.

Investigators have conducted interviews with neighbors, family, and friends. The details will not be released until the investigation is over.

Tysinger was a long time resident of Brunswick County. The 28-year-old leaves behind two children. Her ex-husband found her after she committed suicide.


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  • lifelong friend

    He heard two shots from inside that house and then he was outside the house when he heard shots>>>>> given a lie detector by a friend of his. He pushed every button he could, was there two hours harassing megan threatening to take her kids and her dog. Her dog was already in brandons truck when cops got there. He provoked this and he is a paramedic and did not attempt to help megan but he had time to walk out the house, go next door and have neighbors call 911 when his phone was in his pocket.

  • family member

    yes this is very sad and very tragic. but if everyone would keep there opinions to themselves everyone would be better off. i guess people need to get it off there chest so badly they dont care who they hurt with the words they say…once the word is spoken it can not be unspoken. Please consider our family when posting comments. thank you

  • Please read with your heart

    I know that we have freedom of speach and press, but please keep in your hearts that their are two little girls who are without their mommy no matter how she left us. A 4 year old who could have seen something and another who was at school did she kiss her mom good bye that day these are the thigs running through my mind. I knew megan and bradon personaly through the EMS world and I really liked them both. Let’s try to keep positive comments on here once you say something on the internet its always there and I dont want these girls to ever see mean words about there mother or father. Please leave comments for hope and love for their daughters. Let Megan rest and her girls heal.

  • living the same nightmare

    I didn’t know Megan. But ppl say she couldn’t have done this but the truth is she did. Her ex passed a lie detector test that same day and if there were a possibility of him doing it they sous not have ruled this a suicide. Another thing…
    If they had a bad relationship and he pushed her to do this then shame on u for passing judgement. God is the only judge. She appearently was not as strong as u claim she was because she in a single moment did not think of anyone but herself not even those poor little girls. Suicide is a very selfish act and in that moment they don’t think about anything but the easiest way out of a difficult situation. We all live with hard times but not all of us stay strong enough to fight our battles. I feel. So much pain and sorrow for everyone I.evolved. it is not something u “get over” as I live the nightmare of loading a loved one from suicide. With that being said my love one also was arguing with his/her spouse before they pulled the trigger. But I don’t hold the spouse accountible for the action they took. It was his/her decision to get the gun and pull the trigger not thinking about the children they left behind or the rest of the family and friends left here to try and move forward with a huge hole and void to fill. Ppl need to b held accoutible for their actions. And not to b so quick to blame others. I am so truly sorry to the family and friends of that beautiful girl. Please try to move forward (which will take time) and live with the wonderful memories u have. Her little girls don’t need to b lead to believe that their father is the blame. If he did it he would b in jail. Plaza stay strong for the girls and her parents as her parents need to now deal with the ex for the best interest of those girls. Truth is he is their Dad and he can take custody of the girls at any time. From the bottom of my heart and from someone else who is living the same nightmare look to God for comfort and strength to get u all through this. Try and find the happiness she shared with everyone through the eye of the little girls. May Megan rest in peace. God bless u all

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