Poll: McCrory leads NC gubernatorial candidates in favorability marks


    ELON, NC (NEWS RELEASE FROM ELON UNIVERSITY) — Former Charlotte mayor Pat McCrory, a Republican candidate for North Carolina governor, is perceived more favorably by state residents than any of the top Democrats who also hope to win the office this fall, according to the latest Elon University Poll.

    None of the top candidates carry exceptional name recognition with at least half of poll respondents saying they “don’t know” how they feel about each of the men running for office.

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    The poll, conducted April 22-25, 2012, surveyed 640 North Carolina residents and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.87 percentage points. The sample is of the population in general, with numbers that include both landlines and cellular phones. The Elon University Poll does not restrict respondents by voter eligibility or likelihood of voting.

    McCrory is the only Republican campaigning to be governor. The Elon University Poll asked respondents how favorably they perceive three leading Democrats seeking their party’s nomination in the May 8 statewide primary. The figures for the four candidates are:

    Pat McCrory (former Charlotte mayor of 2008 Republican candidate for governor)
    Favorable: 33 percent
    Unfavorable: 16 percent
    Don’t Know: 50 percent

    Bob Etheridge (former member of the U.S. House of Representatives)
    Favorable: 21 percent
    Unfavorable: 18 percent
    Don’t Know: 60 percent

    Walter Dalton (current North Carolina lieutenant governor)
    Favorable: 18 percent
    Unfavorable: 13 percent
    Don’t Know: 68 percent

    Bill Faison (current member of the North Carolina General Assembly)
    Favorable: 8 percent
    Unfavorable: 14 percent
    Don’t Know: 77 percent

    “Most people aren’t paying attention to the state races. They probably know the candidates’ names, but aren’t committing to anyone just yet,” said John Robinson, director of communications for the Elon University Poll. “Pat McCrory’s opposition in the primary is minor, and he doesn’t need to do much campaigning right now. But despite three Democratic debates two weeks ago, Bob Etheridge, Walter Dalton and Bill Faison simply haven’t captured the public’s imagination. They have a week to do so.”