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WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — On Wednesday April 25, 2012, The Big Talker FM received a formal request from North Carolina Democrat party attorney, John R. Wallace of Wallace & Nordan L.L.P. in Raleigh, NC, via hand delivery and e-mail, for equal time for Deb Butler, the Democratic candidate for the District 9 North Carolina Senate seat.

This request came in response to Senator Thom Goolsby filling in as a guest host on The Big Talker FM’s Mornings with Chad Adams on Thursday, April 19th while Adams was away on an educational trip to Israel.

“We were a little surprised to receive such a formal legal request for equal time as Chad and I have a great working relationship with Deb Butler. Deb recently hosted a show Saturday mornings on the Big Talker called “Retrofit Radio” which focused on retrofitting houses and workspaces with green friendly technologies, and we have featured Deb as a guest on Mornings with Chad Adams on several occasions,” says Producer of Mornings with Chad Adams and Operations Manager of The Big Talker FM, Aimee Bowen.

“We had several guest hosts while Chad was away, including Representative Carolyn Justice, Col. Francis DeLuca of the Civitas Institute, as well as local pastor and activist, Tony McGhee. Reaching out to Senator Goolsby to inquire if he could sit in that Thursday seemed like a no brainer as he is very familiar with talk radio. Thom co-hosts a weekly investing program, The Empowered Investor, on the station Tuesdays at 6pm and has filled in as a guest host for Chad in the past,” says Bowen.

Deb Butler will be the guest host of The Big Talker FM’s Mornings with Chad Adams on Monday, May 21st, 2012, from 6-10am

Sen. Goolsby appears as a weekly guest on another radio station in the District 9 area, however, it is unclear whether or not Ms. Butler will make a request for equal time on that station as well.

“This is going to be a unique edition of the morning show. Ms. Butler is a Democrat, and It just so happens our host, Chad Adams, is a rather conservative guy, but the issues we discuss on the show affect all of us at the local, state and national level. Our audience transcends party lines and this will be a great opportunity for our station and our listeners to approach these topics from a different viewpoint. I look forward to working with Ms. Butler,” notes Bowen.


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  • southernborn54

    I see no problem with her being on the show at all. As boring as the station has got I do not think she is exactly going to set the electorate on fire. The last time I listened to it I was forced to run into a building, get on the elevator and listen to Muzak to get my entertainment level up. I do not know if they are trying to kiss up to everyone at once for ratings or they are just to cheap to buy quality and figured fourth rate is what they want to pay for.

  • deel

    i’m sorry, but i have to rant…

    waav radio is 24/7 bitter old white conservative men. i listen in while driving to torture myself i suppose. Curtis Wright is an idiot who should go back where he came from, much like he told President Obama on his radio show to “…go back to Africa, where you came from”. Curtis doesn’t archive his radio shows online, which is a big clue that what he says – he doesn’t want to have to answer to later.

    He was whining about Deborah this morning – he told her to “shut up and go away”, on air! what an ass.

    WAAV radio management if you are reading, i have lived here my entire life and since Curtis Wright joined your station i have gone out of my way to NOT support your advertisers. you should seriously consider firing Curtis, his vitriolic snide attitude and one sided propaganda have turned WAAV radio into a joke.

  • Mark A. Smith

    I look forward to Ms. Buttler being on The Big Talker.

  • loudmouthbass

    Can’t wait for Deb to ask for “equal time” on 980WAAV ( hint, hint Deb ). With the recent past hosts Ansell, Bellamy and Jennings she should be a perfect fit for that station’s demographics. Or maybe she looked at the ratings and knew where she might actually get heard? Wonder who Curtis will have on that morning? Maybe I’ll just turn to Bach and keep my feng shui, yin yang, and hong kong phooey in check that day.

  • millie dawson

    Go Deb!

  • Robert West

    It’s so interesting that the “law and order” folks can so easily ignore the clear guidelines for giving candidates equal time. I’m tuning in on the 21st.

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