State senators say they have votes to block Monkey Junction annexation


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — State Senators Thom Goolsby and David Rouzer are out to stop forced annexation in North Carolina.

The duo announced today they have enough support to pass a bill that’s already passed in the House when they go back to the General Assembly. If it becomes law, it would stop forced annexation in Monkey Junction through the end of the year. But the effort does not stop there.

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“I’ve had nobody come up and ask me to please double their tax bill and give them nothing for it,” Sen. Goolsby (R-9th District) said.

Monkey Junction residents have been buzzing about their recent annexation by the City of Wilmington. Goolsby and Rouzer believe they have the answer to their problem.

“We’ve got it worked out with the Senate leadership to go ahead and get House Bill 180 through,” Sen. Rouzer (R-12th District) said. “Once we get House Bill 180 through, that will put a moratorium in place on the annexation of Monkey Junction through the end of the year.”

Rouzer and Goolsby say they have 31 senators who have agreed to push this bill through during the first week of General Assembly’s Short Session. With annexation suspended, the lawmakers say they will work on new bills to stop forced annexation altogether.

“I think this could go all the way through the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court, but I think we need to take action now, because the cities are moving ahead to annex these people. We can’t just stand by. We have to fight this. We have to do what’s right for the people,” Sen. Goolsby said.

Monkey Junction residents who heard the announcement are excited about the possibilities, especially when it comes to their taxes.

“I was anticipating maybe a 100-percent increase because of the city annexation. That apparently is not going to happen. At least not this year, so that’s a very positive development,” Arthur Lovgren said.

The City of Wilmington said in a statement that they will continue to comply with state laws and look forward to working cooperatively with the General Assembly on this issue.