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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A fatal dirt bike accident near downtown Wilmington has one woman saying she’s not so surprised. The accident happened at the intersection of 5th and Dawson Streets Wednesday afternoon.

The dirt bike Wayne Stansbury was driving is not street legal in Wilmington. Beatriz Moreno, who lives close by, says she knew an accident was bound to happen. She says she’s heard the dirt bikes driving recklessly around her neighborhood for a while.

“I kept expecting to hear a crash any moment,” Beatriz says. “They were going extremely fast, I saw they weren’t wearing helmets, they just paid no attention to the rules as far as right side of the road, stop signs.”

Wilmington Police say Sansbury, whose driver’s license had been suspended, was driving the wrong way down Dawson Street when he crashed head on into a car. Police say Sansbury caused the accident. Although he was wearing a helmet, it was not properly fastened around his head.

“The collision was such that the operator of the motorcycle, his helmet ended up in a tree,” said WPD spokesman Kevin Smith.

Police say EMS arrived soon after and began CPR but Sansbury died at the scene.

Moreno says she hopes others will learn from this tragic accident.

“I am sad that people have to die in such useless ways, meaningless ways, but I expected it,” she said. “I expected to hear a crash at any moment and if you do stupid things, things will happen.”

The driver that hit Sansbury was 72-year-old Horace Hankins, who lives in Wilmington. He was not injured. Police say right now Hankins does not appear to be at fault. They investigation is still ongoing.


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  • I agree that there was illegal activity carried by boys like driving fast,not wearing helmets,but that lady would have stopped them instead of waiting for a crash sound.

  • eliot ness

    Who did he steal the bike from?

  • Guest2020

    I feel bad for this family and my heart and prayers are with them. I turned the tv on this morning just before 9:00 and that new girl they have on TV3 in the mornings was just way too chipper in reporting this story.

  • nccentral grad

    Who said he was black and why does that even matter. I would like to think Sharpton and Jesse wouldn’t have to get involved in the case of stupidity.

  • Guest123

    No matter the young man was being childish and had a criminal record, I would imagine he still has a family who are heart broken. we can be glad he did not kill other people while driving recklessly.
    My condolences to his family and friends.

    If he could speak he would tell you he was only driving ONE way on that one way street!!

  • Guest61246

    How could the driver of the car even remotely be considered at fault? Why would charges even be considered?The bike was going the wrong way on a one way street.

  • kshuford

    Listen to you making statements about his criminal record. Is this what you do every time a black man dies. There was an accident,no person is perfect. If this was your child his criminal record would have nothing to do with the fact that you will never see him smile again. Have some respect for the family of this man. People make mistakes everyday.

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