ONLY ON 3 UPDATE: Resident catches raccoon on camera


FRIDAY UPDATE: Susan Prater sent us these photos of a raccoon on the roof of a condo in her complex around 2:15 this morning. She says she captured this one coming out of a window eve and then going back into the opening when her camera flashed. She says she also continues to hear scratching inside the walls of her condo.

We also talked with the President of the complex’s HOA Thursday and he admitted there were raccoons in the area but denied there were any of the animals in the walls of the buildings.

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CASWELL BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Residents in a Brunswick County Beach community say they have some unwanted visitors that they want out before summer. Folks say raccoons have taken over their condos, and they can’t stand it anymore.

Residents at Oak Island Beach Villas on Caswell Beach say their condos are infested with raccoons and little is being done to solve the problem.

Susan Prater says setting a few traps is not enough to solve what she calls a raccoon infestation at her complex.

“I’ve been told that out of one of the buildings that they refaced they removed more than 100 raccoons out of the building. They relocated them, but the manager told me they have returned,” Prater said.

Prater says raccoons roam the walkways almost every day, sometimes chasing people into their homes.

Although we did not see any raccoons while we were there, Prater says there is other evidence of their presence.

“I sat and heard the raccoons and watched the urine seep through the drywall,” she said.

Although a representative from the property did not want to talk on camera, he did say they were aware of the raccoons. The property manager said they were using a non-kill trapping system to remove the animals. He said the problem is not as bad as Prater claims and animals on the island should be expected, because of the uninhabited land surrounding the complex.

Prater says she thinks something needs to be done and soon before tourists start making their way to the beach for the summer.

Prater says with the recent report of a rabid fox on Oak Island, she is more worried than ever about the animals in her building.