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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The primary election is now just four days away, and we want to help you get to know the candidates.

We sat down with the Democrats fighting to represent District 18 in the North Carolina House of Representatives: James Knox and incumbent Susi Hamilton.

“I’m a fighter,” Hamilton said. “I’m not afraid to stand up and say what I believe in. I’m not afraid to stand up and fight for what’s right in southeastern North Carolina. I’m a strong, strong voice.”

“I’m honest,” Knox said. “I’m ready to work. I have the experience; 18 years. She can’t say that. My incumbent cannot say that. I have 18 years experience working with people.”

Knox, Mayor of Northwest, believes he knows the concerns of the people, even more so now that the lines of the 18th House District have been redrawn to include more of northern Brunswick County.

If elected, Knox says he plans to focus on creating jobs, restoring human services and helping to train students to be job ready.

Hamilton is also focused on services for the elderly and disabled, public education and job creation. She believes more investments need to be made to secure big corporations like Continental Tire and Caterpillar, which chose other locations over our area.

“Investing in roads, investing in water and sewer projects, investing in port projects to serve the industrial manufacturing industry that is now coming back to the United States,” Rep. Hamilton said.

“I don’t think the incumbent worked hard enough in order to get these things done and to land these jobs in the areas that were available at the time,” Hamilton said.

Knox believes he would be more effective at bringing jobs here. The two candidates take opposite sides when it comes to the controversial Amendment One.

“One man, one woman. I stand on those grounds,” Knox said.

Hamilton disagrees.

“It’s discriminatory. It’s divisive, and it’s a distraction from what we need to be focused on,” she said.

Both candidates say they have confidence in their campaigns. Hamilton believes no matter what happens, a Democrat will be voted in, in November. She feels that folks are tired of the social agendas being pushed by the GOP.

The winner faces Republican Louis Harmati in November.


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