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RALEIGH (WTVD) — Left-leaning Public Policy Polling released its final poll before North Carolina’s primary election Monday and said an amendment to the state constitution defining marriage as only between a man and a woman has strong support.

PPP predicted the amendment would pass by 16 percentage points.

“The final yes percentage will likely be somewhere in the 57-59% range depending on how the undecideds break,” PPP offered in a news release.

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PPP said its research shows the race for the Democratic nomination for governor has tightened a bit.

A week ago, Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton had a 10-point lead. Now, PPP said his lead is down to five with him at 34 percent to 29 percent for Bob Etheridge. Bill Faison, Gary Dunn, and Gardenia Henley are all at 4 percent, and Bruce Blackmon rounds out the field at 2 percent.

On the Republican side, Pat McCrory continues to be the presumptive nominee. PPP said the only suspense it foresees on election night is if he can hit 90 percent over his challengers.

Polling showed him at 70 percent before the election with his closest challenger at 4 percent – 20 percent remain undecided.


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  • NC Dude

    Why do people care about what the world thinks about North Carolina?? Who gives a flip. I’m originally from Texas and people think we’re a bunch of hicks, rednecks and cowboys. Oh well!! Thousands of people move to Texas everyday! Texas has this in their constitution and no one cares. North Carolina take a stand and stop worrying about this dying world. Vote for the Marriage Amendment!!!!

  • GMAB

    I wish the people who support this amendment would wake up. Just how many people do you know that are in a traditional family. Most families I know are a combination of a woman and a man who have both been married several times and each has children from several marriages.There are single moms and single dads and many people just live togehter and have children and never get married. The republicans are trying to force their religious beliefs on everyone.It is not the job of government to dictate religion or morals..this is very dangerous.

  • Guest33

    I can only imagine that these are the same conversations that were taking place at Sodom and Gomorrah. The day before the Lord destroyed it. For the same reasons you have here. I’m good with it. Lord, bring it on. Wash this filth out of my land.

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