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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The latest polls show Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton with a slight edge over Rep. Bob Etheridge in the Democratic race for governor.

Dalton feels very good about his place in the polls. When it comes to what voters will decide Tuesday, he thinks his record speaks for itself.

“I’m the one candidate that has a record of using creativity and innovation to improve our economy to create jobs now and jobs for future and build a better school system that’s what it’s going to take in a 21st century economy,” Dalton said.

In fact, Dalton is already looking forward to November, where he would likely face a challenge from Republican frontrunner Pat McCrory, if Dalton wins the Democratic nomination.

“Someone asked me earlier today, ‘After this primary you will not have any money, you’ll have to raise money. How will you make up the deficit to Pat McCrory?’ I said, I will point out his deficit of lack of vision for North Carolina,” Dalton said. “He has embraced cuts to economic development money, he has embraced undue cuts to education that have badly damaged us, he has embraced cuts to healthcare that will cost us 14,000 jobs in the private sector.”


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