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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Williston Middle School has faced a lot of challenges, but one community group is fulfilling a promise to lift the school up.

The Williston Legacy Project is a partnership between the Rotary Club and the school that started in August. After a lot of research, the Rotary Club chose to join Williston to boost morale and donate time, resources and money to help the students, teachers and administrators.

“We put in a lot of hours and a lot of hard work in that building, and some really amazing things happen there,” teacher Lisa Doyle said. “I think sometimes the media picks up on some of the negatives that are happening there, but the Rotary has been there all year. It’s been so nice to have supportive e-mails and words and familiar faces in the building. Just sort of, ‘Hey, what’s up? You’re doing a great job. Thanks for doing that?’ It’s nice.”

Doyle said the teachers and staff were apprehensive when the club first approached them because offers from other organizations have fallen through, but she said this partnership is one that has panned out and is one she hopes will last for a long time.


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