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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY’S ‘THE RANT’ BY NEWS DIRECTOR SCOTT PICKEY) — I learned something interesting last night about former congressional candidate Ilario Pantano. Even though he’s a war veteran, an author, a former Wall Street executive, a father, a husband, etc., etc., he doesn’t deal well with losing.

First there was the Ilario Pantano of 11:02 p.m. That’s when our Asha Dave interviewed him live at his party at Mayfaire. Even though he was down by a point or two to State Senator David Rouzer, he was upbeat, excited, ready to wait it out for the long haul.

Then there was the Ilario Pantano of 11:17 p.m. That’s about when the Associated Press called the race for Rouzer. We called Asha from the station and let her know we wanted her to interview him again based on the update.

She called back a few minutes later and told me, “Ilario’s not talking to the media now.” What??? I asked her to repeat herself just in case I had misunderstood her over the roar of his supporters in the background. “He says he’s not going to talk to the media now and that he’s going home.”

That’s when I saw him in the live feed in the control room while we were in an interview segment. He was making his way across the room hugging supporters. Asha was still on the phone with me. “Tell him I’d like to talk to him,” I told her. I saw her walk across to him and let him know I was on the phone. “He doesn’t want to talk with you,” I heard back on the phone.

Wow, I said to myself, this guy is actually taking his ball, going home, and leaving his supporters behind after learning that he lost. I thought, you know, all he has to say is that it’s still too close to call, let’s sleep on it, see what the final numbers say in the morning, and we’ll take it from there. The AP’s been wrong before. Let’s never forget Truman and Dewey.

But instead, he pouted, refused to talk to the media, and left his supporters behind while he went home to sulk.

If that’s how Mr. Pantano handles defeat, maybe it’s a good thing he’s not going to Washington.


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  • Will

    I was married into his family for awhile and they are all CRAZY as loons! He is the most obvious narcissist I’ve EVER met- hands down!

  • Janet Nutley

    Last week you were bold enough to call Pantano a sore loser regarding the recent election. But yet have I heard you speak about the sore losers regarding the Marriage Admendment. I ask the same question, Why do they not understand they lost and go on with life and not be as you put it a “Sore Loser”. Marriage is between one Man and one Woman and that is how the marjority voted.

  • GuestMan

    Talk about drinking the Kool-Aid…. There is not one shred of truth to anything he has written.

  • Guest Apu

    Typical WWAY coverage – attack anyone who won’t give them an interview the minute they ask for one. He had just talked to them 15 minutes earlier! Just be patient and wait for him or his campaign to issue a statement.

    What happened to respectible journalists who would simpy say that (fill in the blank) “has not responded to requests for an interview” or “couldn’t be reached for an interview?” Instead, WWAY runs a hatchet piece on Mr. Pantano becuase he won’t reposond on the spot to breaking poll results.

    What a bunch of unprofessional tools.

  • Guest76877

    Call pickey a coward but I’ll call you crazy JM. Really, nazi and muslim brotherhood? Credit out the door. Get checked brother or I’m afriad you’ll lose it someday JM.

  • CRAZY!!!!


  • GuestUSMC

    I don’t think he has all his marbles anyhow. Any soldier that would pump a full magazine of rounds into an already dead body is lacking something. He certainly is not someone I would want as an elected official in any office.

  • wooduck

    hockey,eh? makes me wish big ben would have pulled up the drawbridge back when he was mayor!!!

  • JM

    SCOTT-how long have you been FAT LAZY COWARD –
    As well as being WEAK, mentally-physically-spiritually-ETHICALLY…
    I challenge you to come out from behind your KEYBOARD and report on something worthy…like how the NAZI party in GREECE managed to capture over 7% of the popular vote…
    or how THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD is on Obama’s payroll in top security positions…
    When did you sell out and lose your spine? If you ever had one!!!
    Musta been when you were shoveling donuts in your face collecting a paycheck to report on BS!!!

    Rouzer’s a politician…IP is a PROVEN Businessman…
    Our country doesnt need anymore politicians…
    our country faces one of the most FRIGHTENING times we’ve seen EVER…


    -top to bottom our country needs more PATRIOTS like Ilario Pantano
    Get busy doing something worthy of reporting!!!

    Continued success-JM

  • JM

    Rouzer’s a politician…IP is a PROVEN Businessman…
    Our country doesnt need anymore politicians…
    I agree with working up through the ranks and putting time in rate so to speak…however, our country faces one of the most FRIGHTENING times we’ve seen EVER…”THIS IS THE MOST DANGEROUS ELECTION OF OUR LIFETIME,”-WAYNE LaPierre

    -top to bottom our country needs more PATRIOTS like Ilario Pantano
    Continued success-Jason

  • Winnabow Guy

    Of course Mr. Pantano is disappointed, but this could be a learning experience for him. I voted for McIntyre in 2010 primarily because Pantano could not show a track record of accomplishments in North Carolina. Rouzer has paid his dues in North Carolina; he has worked in local and national positions. Pantano wants to start at the top of the mountain; that’s not how you earn the job of representing the citizens in the 7th district especially when you are not even a native of the area.

    Pantano appears to be a bright young man and if he should choose to run again, he needs to show the voters he has the ability to represent their best interests. He can demonstrate this ability by first volunteering on local planning boards, or running for local elected offices, e.g., town council or as a member of the county government; something that demonstrates he has the ability to represent North Carolina’s citizens effectively. This would help in his future quest for higher office. The voters currently have nothing to judge Pantano by other than his stating how great he is. His background does not show a consistent career progression. Pantano could benefit from observing and emulating Mr. Rouzer’s career before attempting to run for higher office again.

  • GuestBS

    This is not news, this is bs. Is this all you have to report?

  • Guest00

    Wow! If Pantano is a pouter, then must have attained his skills from Scott Pickey. Scott is the biggest pouter I know! This rant proves it. What an embarrassment for WWAY!

  • Guest Howatd W

    I like Ricky, but he simply has not been able to win an election. Pantano can’t either. I was comparing thier losing elections. Difference is, Ricky is not given a fair chance because of prejudices while Pantano seems to feel entitled. No offense to Ricky.

  • Sick Twisted Freak

    Im disgusted by some of the comments I am reading here. Never mind the ridiculous article by the reporter who feels he has to get a comment every 15 minutes, but to see Ilario attacked for his service to this country and for defending himself, as the evidence proved he did, is simply appalling. This is what’s wrong with America today….too many good ol boys and Internet tough guys and not enough people willing to stand up for what’s right.

    A little home cooking went a long way last night. The Johnston county GOP is the political equivalent of a group of high school football players that stand around cheering as the quarterback forces himself on the head cheerleader only to claim they saw nothing when questioned by the cops. Those guys have got to go. They pushed their little buddy, the establishment guy, down our throat without giving Ilario a fair chance. That’s how politics is all across this county, on all levels…..and we aren’t going to take it any more.

    Thank you, Ilario, for giving those of us who love this country and want to end the struggles caused by the political ruling class a voice. You’re a great man, a great patriot, and a true American hero.

  • Joseph

    Pantano is a joke, and doesn’t give two cents about anything but his name and bettering himself. He ran a dirty campaign against Mike Mcintrye, he is a murdered, and the fakest bible beater I’ve ever seen! Get the hell out of NC you self centered douche bag!

  • Guest WestLA

    Funny thing is that Pantano worked hard to get everything redistricted. He wanted the lines changed cause he thought it would help him . Well how did that work out for you Juan? And I heard his opponent say that as of this morning Pantano still had not called to congradulate him! And just a side notice here. I saw at Pantano party {agout 30 people strong ) they were all watching the hockey game.But you knowmbout 75% of Pantanos party was probably from New Jersey anyway.

  • Thereisnonews

    Scott Pickey has been a crybaby for years…..always has…always will. He also uses his position to bully whoever he feels has shunned him. I doubt if this even gets posted, quite honestly. He also sensationalizes stories so he can get hits on his precious website and get viewers. I don’t blame him. He’s number 2 right now and needs all the help he can get. He’s been drummed out of every station he’s ever worked at. Pretty sure there’s no coincidence there. Remember WRAL Scott? There’s nothing vulgar or obscene in this post, so post it if you’re such a champion of getting “The Rant” out there and the public opinion…I think you won’t and you will hide behind your desk.

  • Dysfunction Monkey Junction

    Please help because I can’t find a formal concession statement from Pantano. Is there one?

  • Indy Observer

    I’ve lived a lot of places and seen a lot of politicos…and this guy is the most unlikable I’ve ever observed. No way to quantify it of course, but it is undeniable. I was at Mayfaire last night. His supporters in the back room were obviously on board, but other patrons just out for a night of karaoke and libations had story after another of how he made them feel…and it wasn’t good. Could not find one person who liked this guy outside of his obvious supporters.

  • Guest111


  • Guest111

    My My Aren’t you touchy!! You must have paid the bill.

  • Proud to support IP

    Contrary to what you may believe Scott the world in SE NC does not revolve around “only on 3” WWAY. @ “quite rude”, the event was DUTCH TREAT which you would have known had you been an IP supporter and ACTUALLY BEEN THERE. We paid our own bills, thank you very much. Ilario spent a lot of time talking with each and every one of his MANY supporters and gee, too bad, so sad, that he didn’t have time for your reporter. Maybe he wants to get some rest and regroup a bit before making any more statements. I’ve been there on many occasions when IP said that he will fully support Rouzer in Nov.

    And to all you nasty, hateful, stuck in the 1800s North Carolinians that can’t fathom someone from *gasp* New York or out of state winning: IP fought for ALL of us TWICE, so $#%& all of you!!!!!

  • Grand Ole Party

    While I have no clue who Ilario Pantano other than a local politician, based on this article I would say you were pouting Scott. The guy didn’t want to talk to you on the phone, get over it.

  • Mosey

    If you didn’t pay the bill, it is outlandish to even bring it up…..that was rediculous

  • picklelily

    Ricky Meeks is a good, kind man. Don’t put him in the same category, please.

  • Hillary

    WELL SAID!!!!!

  • Das Weibstück

    How dare you insult Mr.Meeks? He is a kind man.

  • RM

    This is a very shameful piece of journalism. I was there with Ilario last night, I’ve been by his side since before the first campaign began. If he would have stopped thanking his supporters just to talk to you on the phone then that would be telling. But no, instead his priority was on making people like me feel appreciated, as he has from the beginning.

    I hope your advertisers understand what brand of storytelling you sell, because you just lost a bunch of viewers. Bye bye WWAY :)

  • Cape Fear Watcher

    Well said Mr. Breazeale.

  • SuesueB

    Sounds like Scott Pickey is the one who’s pouting. I heard Mr. Pantano say, around 11 pm last night, that the race was close and he was prepared to support support Mr. Rouzer if that’s who won. Good enough for me.

  • Jason

    I was there last night and he did tell his supporters THANK YOU and it was too close to call. He even told them to go get some rest because many of us had been working polls all day and were tired,he said “wait until the finial outcome”. He is a true American and he showed nothing but RESPECT to his supporters and Rouzer. You Mr. Picky speak false words. But, Ilario fought for the right for you to do that too!

  • Guest824

    Why should he have to talk to the press? He was obviously in a very difficult situation. He was not obligated to talk to any reporter. All I see from this article is a person who is pouting over being ignored.

  • Guest111

    I think he was rude to his supporters. They worked hard for him and he just up and left everyone standing around. Wonder who paid the bill last night?

  • longcolt

    would be : cluster B type narcisist with delusion of grandeur component. this is often due to military service which provides moderately difficult but achievable & defined goals. the achievments are followed by praise and recognition. the narcisist doesn’t realize that he/she is praised for retention purposes, but instead view themselves as elite and superior. this phenomena is also seen in some ems workers and nurses. ilario’s only legitimate hope for rehabilitation would have been incarceration for his war crimes which he will now discount as not his fault (like the election/s).

  • Guest737

    PLEASE do not pack up your family and come to Disney World. They have had enough shootings down there without your crazy postal self making it worse. I fully expect someone to file a Federal Election Commission compliant about Pantano living off of campaign donations in the near future and Pantano to NOT pay his vendors. BYE BYE Pantano. Don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you!

  • Retired Navy

    What a resume: Wall Street parasite, disgraced ex-Marine, and now twice-failed political candidate. The simple fact is that Pantano isn’t merely unemployed (writing one book about yourself doesn’t qualify as “author”), he is UNEMPLOYABLE. After getting kicked out of the Corps he was unable to find a job even pumping gas, so being the supreme narcissist that he is, he had a brilliant scheme to reinvent himself as a far right-wing “Born Again Redneck” (to use his phrase). He only won the primary in 2010 because he pandered to a bunch of Tea Party lunatics who fell for the nonsense about his big plans in Washington. Like any other pol, all Pantano really wanted to do was vacuum up as much money as possible and then move on to another scam.

  • Guest Howard Wolowicz

    Pantano – the new Ricky Meeks. Can’t win an election to save his life.

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